The Way Back Home 175

  • Eldor: You shouldn’t mourn Lilith’s death. I created her for one purpose only,… this one!
  • Viviana: You “created” her? But what about her parents…?
  • Eldor: I created – no, perfected – her soul, not her body.
  • Viviana: But why?! Why do you want to destroy the Spirit Source?
  • Eldor: I don’t want to destroy the Source, only the shield around it.
  • Viviana: What in Bhaal’s name is that supposed to accomplish?
  • Eldor: It will allow Bhaal to regain control of the Source and restore the natural order that prevailed before the Darkness!
  • Viviana: W– what?!?
  • Eldor: All you’ve ever heard about the history of Gaia before the creation of the Mythal is a lie!
  • Viviana: … what?
  • Eldor: It wasn’t Bhaal who caused the Darkness, it was Gaia! By blocking Bhaal’s access to the Source with her shield!
  • Viviana: I don’t understand…
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