The Way Back Home 178

  • Eldor: Long story short, Isaac cast the time suspension shield around the Source that only Gaia could circumvent.
  • Eldor: The devastating effects of this betrayal became apparent immediately. Bhaal lost control of the Spiritstream, but Gaia couldn’t take it over quickly enough.
  • Eldor: Disconnected from the Source, creatures began to lose their selves. Entire species were wiped out and turned into horrifying monsters, including the avariel.
  • Eldor: Eventually, Gaia managed to take control of the Spiritstream. Almost at the same time, Bhaal created the Redstream which gave him direct influence over all the free-roaming monsters on Gaia.
  • Eldor: Bhaal tried to reverse the mutations. But it was too late. The monsters could only be used as mindless tools for his counterattacks against Gaia and Isaac’s armies.
  • Eldor: Gaia was overloaded with controlling the Bluestream and the Spiritstream and fighting a war against Bhaal at the same time. But when Bhaal was on the brink of victory, Gaia played her last trump card.
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