The Way Back Home 179

  • Viviana: She created the Tear of Gaia?
  • Eldor: Yes, but that wasn’t all.
  • Eldor: Don’t get me wrong, the Tear is a formidable crystal. But her memory alteration spell was much more important for winning the war.
  • Viviana: Memory alteration spell?
  • Eldor: Bhaal wasn’t Gaia’s only problem. There were also rumors flying around. Ugly rumors. Rumors that she was responsible for the Darkness.
  • Eldor: You can’t win a war this way!
  • Eldor: So she changed the mind of all creatures by planting false memories that painted Bhaal in the worst light possible.
  • Eldor: Some things didn’t make a lot of sense. But most records and artifacts that contradicted her were located in temples and libraries. Gaia spent months finding and destroying all of them before casting her spell.
  • Eldor: Some artifacts survived. But the meaning of the depicted or described scenes was lost to Isaac’s contemporaries. At best, they were regarded as curiosities.
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