The Way Back Home 181

  • Viviana: You’re Isaac’s son?! But you’re human!
  • Eldor: I’m not.
  • Eldor: I changed my appearance permanently with a spell. It was just more convenient this way.
  • Eldor: I once forgot to change my appearance before teleporting to a meeting with merchants in Midgard. I had to kill them all. Years of preparations… wasted!
  • Viviana: How did you learn about your father’s role during the Darkness?
  • Eldor: Not in his lifetime. After the creation of the Mythal, my father became head of the Great Council of Ysdar. After his death, I continued his work.
  • Eldor: With each passing year, my understanding of the nature of magic grew. I and my followers made Ysdar a paradise.
  • Eldor: But during my studies I realized that the Spiritstream had properties that couldn’t be aligned with current theories.
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