The Way Back Home 182

  • Eldor: My studies of old manuscripts revealed further inconsistencies. To get to the bottom of it, I arranged an experiment.
  • Eldor: But before I could carry out the experiment, I became severely spellsick. I was in mortal agony for days.
  • Eldor: On my deathbed, I pleaded to Gaia to give me the strength to complete my studies and find out more about the nature of the Spiritstream.
  • Eldor: Of course, she didn’t answer my prayers. On the contrary! Her protective mechanisms against the examination of the Spiritstream were the cause of my illness!
  • Eldor: I was about to die when a spark ignited my mind which soon turned into a sea of flames! It was Bhaal who had heard my pleading!
  • Eldor: He gave me the strength to overcome my illness and complete my studies. Just like my father was once chosen by Gaia, I was chosen by Bhaal!
  • Viviana: Wait a second…!
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