The Last Queen Of Gaia 007

  • Viviana: What about Bahamut?
  • Ilias: He’s dead. Your attack killed him instantly.
  • Viviana: That’s good… and Eldor?
  • Ilias: Hasn’t turned up yet. But there’ve been countless monster attacks in the last few days. He probably wants to keeps us on our toes while he’s looking for the enchanted sphere.
  • Viviana: How do you know about the sphere?
  • Ilias: San and a couple of priests extracted parts of your memory while you were unconscious. We needed to know what was going on up there.
  • Viviana: I don’t know how to feel about that.
  • Ilias: It really helped our cause. It was the right decision, Vivi. Believe me!
  • Viviana: If you say so…
  • Viviana: How’s Lili?
  • Ilias:
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