The Last Queen Of Gaia 018

  • Caption: A little later in Greendew castle.
  • Viviana: Thank you for getting the wheelchair. I couldn’t have walked another step.
  • Viviana: I’m really looking forward to seeing all my friends after the meeting with Savos. It’s great that so many of them are here in Greendew.
  • Viviana: Alissa, Ryn, Salacea, Milo, Arty, Korahan, Ryker–
  • Ilias: Uhm…
  • Viviana: What’s up?
  • Ilias: Ryker is… dead. I’m sorry, Vivi.
  • Viviana: He’s… dead? Was it the tree? Or Bahamut?
  • Ilias: Neither. He was pushed from the roof during the chase.
  • Viviana: Any… other friends that died?
  • Ilias: Just one as far as I know. Colette. She died when the tree fell.
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