The Last Queen Of Gaia 023

  • Viviana: As you probably know, Lilith is not well at all. If we don’t manage to help her in the next few days, the pain will surely drive her insane.
  • Viviana: Without her, our chances of stopping Eldor are slim at best. Therefore, the ten best healers in Gaia should gather in Greendew to search for a cure for her pain.
  • Viviana: Eldor must not open the door in the Crystal Fortress! The longer we can keep him away from it, the better.
  • Viviana: I already have an idea how we’re going to do this…
  • Viviana: Last but not least, we need to investigate the connection between the Forbidden Corridor in the Thunderbolt Stronghold and the door in the Crystal Fortress.
  • Viviana: I’ll lead the expedition to the Thunderbolt Stronghold. We’ll leave in two days!
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