The Last Queen Of Gaia 024

  • Doctor: The legs are a little swollen. I recommend not walking for the next twelve hours.
  • Viviana: I understand.
  • Ilias: How are you going to keep Eldor away from the Crystal Fortress?
  • Viviana: There’s a special trap in the Fortress, presumably created by Isaac. Eldor surely hasn’t found it yet since it’s deactivated.
  • Viviana: We need to send a commando into the fortress to activate the trap and tune it to Eldor.
  • Ilias: That sounds like it could work!
  • Ilias: Salacea has scheduled a public speech for tomorrow afternoon. I think it would be good if you could also say a few words.
  • Viviana: Yes, you’re right.
  • Caption: Meanwhile.
  • King Savos: Is that…?
  • San de Vertis: Yes.
  • San de Vertis: Reto’s book about Bhaal’s Spiritstream.
  • King Savos: I thought you had destroyed it.
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