The Last Queen Of Gaia 026

  • Milo Torval: After Salacea’s speech at 4 o’clock, Jael will also say a line or two.
  • Servant #1: After Salacea’s speech, the queen will give a brief speech as well.
  • Servant #2: Her Majesty, Queen Jael I of Gaia, will give a speech this afternoon. We need to prepare everything for it!
  • Newscaster: Good morning, dear listeners. I’ve just received some breaking news!
  • Newscaster: Instead of Salacea Torval, Her Majesty, Queen Jael I of Gaia, bearer of the Avaril, defeater of Bahamut, and supreme ruler over all creatures on Gaia, will hold a speech this afternoon at 4 o’clock!
  • Newscaster: Tell everybody!
  • Milo Torval: Oh crap.
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