The Last Queen Of Gaia 027

  • Milo Torval: What do we do now? Cancel everything?
  • Salacea Torval: No way!
  • Gradus: Can’t you just give Salacea’s speech to Viviana?
  • Milo Torval: No way! The speech wasn’t meant for something like that. It’d be a huge disappointment for the listeners.
  • Milo Torval: We have to write a new speech! There’s still enough time!
  • Salacea Torval: I’ll get Savos and Vidal!
  • Gradus: And I’ll get Viviana!
  • Gradus: Vivi–? Uh, do you know where Viviana is?
  • Ilias: She’s in Lili’s room, I think.
  • Cedric Sedias: Did that look correct?
  • Lilith: Hmm…
  • Gradus: Vivi?
  • Viviana: Not now, Gradus!
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