The Last Queen Of Gaia 030

I posted my ten favorite pages from the previous chapter The Way Back Home:

Gaia: My favorite pages from The Way Back Home – Places 1 to 10

  • Caption: Later.
  • Viviana: I’m totally done. And my legs are aching.
  • Ilias: Uhh… Vivi… about the speech.
  • Viviana: Salacea’s speech? I’m afraid I won’t make it. The operation in the Crystal Fortress is taking place at the same time. I’ll follow it in the command room.
  • Ilias: It’s your decision. But maybe you should give it a second thought. Because there was a little… misunderstanding.
  • Viviana: Misunderstanding?
  • Ilias: Well, people think you’ll be the one giving the speech, not Salacea.
  • Viviana: That’s… unfortunate. But the inhabitants of Greendew will probably get over it if I’ll show up an hour or two late.
  • Ilias: Probably. But all the other listeners will surely be disappointed.
  • Viviana: Other listeners?
  • Ilias: Milo estimates that the broadcast of the speech will be watched by at least 90% of all humans and dragons on Gaia.
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