The Last Queen Of Gaia 033

  • Kali: Will HE try to open the door again today?
  • Eldor: No. I’ll just check some calculations and then go to bed early. But tomorrow, that confounded door’s time will finally come! I can feel it!
  • Secretary: Mr. Olenvis, I have news that may interest you.
  • Eldor: What is it?
  • Secretary: Jael Bara will give her first public speech as queen in ten minutes.
  • Eldor: Oh, that’s interesting indeed. Thank you.
  • Eldor: With Viviana, you never really know what’s coming.
  • Kali: Hmmm…
  • Eldor: Why the skeptical look?
  • Kali: The image quality is quite bad. Shall THIS ONE get a technician to repair the projector?
  • Eldor: A test of the acceleration unit is currently being carried out. That’s certainly the reason for these artifacts. We just have to wait a couple of minutes.
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