The Last Queen Of Gaia 035

  • Announcer: At nineteen, she and Lilith Caillean exposed Dalvor Garrot and Prince Orkan as high traitors!
  • Announcer: At nineteen, she brought the Avaril, the sacred crystal of the Old Kingdom, back to Greendew!
  • Announcer: At nineteen, she unveiled the truth about Eldor Olenvis and his insane plans to the world!
  • Eldor: Pfff.
  • Announcer: At nineteen, she killed Bahamut!
  • Announcer: This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here she is! The one and only!
  • Announcer: Her Majesty, Queen Jael I of Gaia, bearer of the Avaril, defeater of Bahamut, and supreme ruler over all creatures on Gaia!
  • San de Vertis: What in Bhaal’s name is she wearing?
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