The Last Queen Of Gaia 039

  • Viviana: In about ten minutes I’ll have a little surprise for you… Please stay tuned until then!
  • Viviana: To bridge the time until then, I’d like to introduce you to someone without whom I wouldn’t be here today!
  • Viviana: San de Vertis! The high priestess of Golnar!
  • Viviana: San, you’ve shown the world all that I’ve been through in the last few months. And you’ve obviously done a marvelous job at it!
  • San de Vertis: Uhhh… thanks?
  • Viviana: You’ve even tried to defeat Eldor in a fight, isn’t that right?
  • San de Vertis: Uhhh… yes? But he was too strong…
  • Viviana: Because you were fighting alone! Together we will succeed!
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