The Last Queen Of Gaia 050

On the following page you can find all the info about this year’s Sandra and Woo + Gaia artwork contest which comes with $5000 prize money!

  • Viviana: Bye for now!
  • Audience: Vi-vi-a-na!
  • Ix: Well, that sure will be something you won’t see every day.
  • Aolilatse: I… I… I……
  • Aolilatse: … I think I’m in love.
  • Ix: But she’ll be a human!
  • Aolilatse: A goddess may take any form she pleases!
  • Salacea: Incredible, Vivi! Simply incredible!
  • Viviana: Fantastic idea with the recording crystal, Ilias!
  • Korahan: Viviana, do you have a moment? I just received an important call from Santhilia.
  • Viviana: Sure.
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