The Last Queen Of Gaia 056

The Last Queen Of Gaia 056

I changed Lilith’s sentence in the last panel of the previous page to:

“But only a few lines among the ones in which the six of us enter the Forbidden Corridor are brightly lit.”

I’d like to thank out reader zxc for the suggestion.

On the following page you can find all the info about this year’s Sandra and Woo + Gaia artwork contest which comes with $5000 prize money!

  • Viviana: How do you know all of that?! Can you see the future?
  • Lilith: All the paths we may take leave traces in the Bluestream. Most of them are barely noticeable, but a few are deep and brightly lit.
  • Lilith: And I see Eldor. In the Tower. Just before the world lines collapse.
  • Lilith: And then there is only silence.
  • Viviana: Wow… I mean…
  • Lilith: Ilias, the word you are looking for…
  • Ilias: Which word?
  • Lilith: … It’s “Kill.”
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