The Last Queen Of Gaia 067

Here they are, the top 10 of this year’s artwork contest! You really need to check out these amazing pieces of art!

Gaia: Results of the artwork contest 2019 – Places 1 to 10     Gaia: Results of the artwork contest 2019 – Places 1 to 10

  • Lilith: Wha–?
  • Viviana: Take it.
  • Lilith: What should I do with it?
  • Viviana: Usually, the Avaril is worn around the neck.
  • Lilith: Yes, I mean, but what’s the purpose of this…?
  • Viviana: It’s a gift.
  • Viviana: I’ll keep the Twin Crystal. This way we’ll always be connected!
  • Lilith: You’re giving me the Avaril as a… gift?
  • Viviana: You’ve done so much for us, Lili. But above all, you’ve opened my parents’ casket!
  • Viviana: Thank you for bringing me salvation.
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