The Door 003

  • Ilias: “Kill”… I still don’t know what you meant by that.
  • Lilith: It’s the word you’ve been looking for.
  • Ilias: Yes, but in what context? When did I look for that word?
  • Lilith: This I cannot say. I only know the answer, not the question.
  • Lilith: Everything is connected. Cause and effect are no longer chronologically linked.
  • Lilith: In Greendew castle. It was a spell.
  • Ilias: What was a spell?
  • Lilith: The reunion. Everything.
  • Lilith: Playing with time is a dangerous thing! Even if I could do more than sending a pebble five seconds into the past, I would not dare!
  • Lilith: Or would I?
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