The Complete Gaia – Production Diary

I have started a production diary where I will occasionally post updates about the comic anthology The Complete Gaia. It will contain the whole comic, the best artwork and other goodies. It will likely be published as part of a Kickstarter campaign once the end of the comic is in sight.

Here is an early look at its features:

  • 2 hardcover volumes in full color
  • Around 900 comic pages
  • Around 40 pages with artwork from commissions and our artwork contests
  • Around 10 pages with author commentary and other things
  • Signed by me
  • Special edition with various goodies

Color printing of two such thick books is only feasible with offset printing. Since offset printing has a very high initial cost and a low price per piece, it will be crucial to reach a high enough print run. 500 copies is the minimum, but 1000 would be much better!

I hope you’re as excited about the project as I am, and will begin to save some money for it! 😉

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