The Complete Gaia – Status update, No. 1

This weekend, I spent a lot of time working on The Complete Gaia. Apart from technical work on the page layout and fixing artwork errors in over a dozen pages, I also wrote parts of the supplementary material. The anthology will contain at least the following text sections:

  1. Introduction to Gaia, its history and development
  2. The setting of Gaia (similar to the website page)
  3. Additional info bits about the setting of Gaia for people who can’t get enough of world-building
  4. Description of our process to create a new page (similar to the equivalent section in the S&W anthology)
  5. Overview of major plot points that have been dropped during the writing process
  6. Comments about my favorite pages (similar to the website series)
  7. Listing of hidden secrets and interesting tidbits found in dozens of pages
  8. From script to finished page, illustrated by multiple examples
  9. Glossary (similar to the website page)

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