The Complete Gaia – Status update, No. 3

I’ve made an important decision regarding the artwork drawn by other artists: I will put the drawings into the making-of book Gaia: sic mundus creatus est instead of the anthology The Complete Gaia. Because of this, Gaia: sic mundus creatus est will also be printed in color instead of black-and-white as initially planned. This will make the making-of book significantly more interesting and also reduce the thickness and weight of the main volumes.

In the last two weeks, I was mainly busy with improving the word bubbles used in the chapters The Red Hall and Shadowdancers which were often too large or small. I also fixed a couple of minor artwork errors. My work on the word bubbles will continue in the next weeks with the chapters The Tower in the Sky and The Letter of Jael Bara. The word bubbles used in the chapters after that are fine.

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