The Bipartite Mind 016

Unfortunately, Gaia will only update once a week in the next weeks.

  • Viviana: What do we do now?!
  • Lilith: If we could somehow transfer the soul energy back into my body, I’d probably be able to do more.
  • Ilias: But how do we do that?
  • Lilith: No idea.
  • Ryn: Maybe we have to return the sphere to its old place.
  • Lilith: That sounds plausible.
  • Ryn: It’s just falling through!
  • Ryn: Maybe we can go back through the Void!
  • Lilith: Don’t even think about touching it! That would be the end of you!
  • Viviana: That means we’re trapped here…!?
  • Ilias: In a day or two, the others will begin to worry about us. Maybe Fabius can open the door from the outside.
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