The Bipartite Mind 034

  • Kali: Does Miss Caillean see these two buttons? They activate a mechanism that accelerates the liquid magic in those tubes.
  • Kali: In the compression chamber, the liquids will be compressed and mixed with the contents of the soul sphere.
  • Kali: Next, the magic mixture will be accelerated in a complex tube system to exactly 742 kilometers, 112 meters and 91 centimeters per second.
  • Kali: At the end of the acceleration process, the mixture will have just the right amount of magical energy to dissolve the Tear of Gaia and put the energy stored in it into a temporal vibration.
  • Kali: The mixture will then be shot through the Void towards the Spirit Source.
  • Kali: In exactly 1.2020569 seconds, the mixture will reach the time suspension shield around the Spirit Source.
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