The Bipartite Mind 035

  • Kali: Right at that moment, the magical energy stored in the Tear of Gaia will return to its normal temporal state, releasing 72,973,525,693 units of spell energy.
  • Kali: The energy will be completely absorbed by the rest of the mixture and be instantly converted into a time acceleration spell that destroys the shield around the Spirit Source.
  • Lilith: That’s… actually impressive!
  • Eldor: It really is!
  • Eldor: I don’t think you have any idea how complicated it is to accelerate liquid magic to exactly 742 kilometers, 112 meters and 91 centimeters per second.
  • Lilith:
  • Eldor: You look like you have a question.
  • Lilith: What will happen to me when the soul sphere gets destroyed?
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