Can someone identify this instrumental song?

Solved thanks to our reader K. Asay!

The song is Forever and Ever by famous composer Jeremy Soule from the obscure XBox game Azurik: Rise of Perathia.

Can someone identify this lovely instrumental piano piece?

I’ve always wanted to know its source.

It was almost certainly contained in a music package for Neverwinter Nights 1 mods once hosted on and released before 2004. There’s now an archive website that hosts most of the original content, e.g. this music pack. Many music packages didn’t contain a detailed description of their content. The song could also have come from a Neverwinter Nights 1 mod.

The file has the name:


Using the prefix mus_* was common for all files in such music packages, e.g. I have one file named mus_mw_title.mp3 which is the Morrowind title track. The “js” from mus_js_1.mp3 could therefore be an abbreviation. But I’m not aware of any pre-2004 RPG with such initials.

If I remember correctly, I had files from mus_js_1.mp3 to mus_js_5.mp3, but I probably deleted the other four because I didn’t like them that much. I’m pretty sure that I never knew the source of this song so the original music package also didn’t contain any identifying information.

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