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  • Academy of Cania – Prestigious academy for arcane studies and material arts in Aracona
  • Aerius – Fourth largest city in Ileasaar in the heart of the former main settlement area of the Avariel
  • Aracona – Capital city of Cania with around 1.4 million residents, home of the prestigious Academy of Cania
  • Aurelia – Capital city of Santhilia
  • Bluebluff – Third largest city in Ileasaar close to the border to Midgard
  • Brooke – Town in the west of Ileasaar close to Oakdale
  • Cania – Second largest country on Gaia, located to the west of Midgard
  • Cheysh – Port city in the north of Cania
  • Cheysh-Askaroth – Province in the north of Cania, consists of the former “free city” Cheysh and the duchy of Askaroth bordering it
  • Conas – River flowing through Cania, in particular the cities Aracona and Conarath
  • Conarath – City in Cania not far from Aracona
  • Crystalos – Capital city of Harasanth
  • Crystal Creek – Large village in the west of Ileasaar close to Oakdale
  • Dalelands – Former main settlement area of the humans and elves before the Darkness, located to the north of Midgard
  • Gaia – Name of the planet which was created by the goddess of the same name
  • Golnar – Country located to the south of Midgard, known for its adventurers and sly merchants
  • Greendew – Capital city of Ileasaar and oldest city on Gaia with around 1.1 million residents, built around the Great Tree of Greendew
  • Greenspring – Town in Ileasaar not far from Greendew, birthplace of Ilias the Great
  • Heyselfall – Second largest city in Ileasaar, built next to the most beautiful waterfalls on Gaia
  • Ileasaar – Province in the east of Cania, was an independent country before it was conquered by Cania a decade ago
  • Karach – High mountain region separating Midgard and Ysdar
  • Midgard (City) – Capital city of the country Midgard, founded by Arathor, with around 1.9 million residents
  • Midgard – Largest country on Gaia located to the east of Cania, its capital city is also named Midgard
  • Mithra – Legendary city that was destroyed during the Darkness, its ruins are located in the north of Midgard
  • Oakdale – Large village in Ileassar, home village of Lilith Caillean
  • Osterath – Capital city of Golnar
  • Santhilia – Mountainous country located to the south of Midgard, ruled by the Dragon Council
  • Silverleaf – Town in the west of Ileasaar close to Oakdale, home town of Milo Torval
  • Thunderbolt Stronghold – Main castle of the dwarves, destroyed during the Darkness
  • The Void – Channel of nothingness leading to Bhaal‘s hiding place inside Gaia, located in the Dalelands
  • Wylen – Village in Ileasaar not far from Greendew
  • Ysdar – Land of the elves, located to the east of Midgard, secured by the Mythal


  • Aracona Times – Newspaper produced in Aracona and sold nationwide
  • Asmodeus – The most powerful avatar of Bhaal during the Darkness
  • Avariel – Dragonic creature with human features, became extinct during the Darkness
  • Bluestream – Magical weave, fuelled by Gaia’s energy, the main source of magic on Gaia
  • Bhaal – The God of Death
  • Brooke Tribune – Newspaper produced in Brooke for the region around Oakdale
  • Creatures – Umbrella term for all of Gaia’s creatures, including humans and dragons, which is sometimes used when people on earth would use the word “people”
  • Crystal – Magic spells can be “stored” in crystals, e.g. to put a spell on a weapon
  • The Darkness – Worldwide war between Gaia’s and Bhaal’s creatures at the end of the First Age
  • Dragon – Powerful creature with a natural ability for magic, in particular shape-shifting, and a long life expectancy
  • Dragons – Family of species such as the “real” dragons, imps and gargoyles, typically don’t interact much with humans
  • Dragon Council – Council consisting of the most powerful dragons that rules over Santhilia
  • Gaia – The Goddess of Life
  • Gargoyle – Draconic creature with a skin that resembles stone
  • Greendew Evening Standard – Newspaper produced in Greendew, the most renowned newspaper in all of Gaia and sold worldwide
  • The Great Tree of Greendew – A massive, divine tree in the center of Greendew that is as old as life on Gaia itself
  • Ilias the Brave – The national hero of Ileasaar, but also highly regarded in other parts of Gaia
  • Imp – Draconic creature, interacts with humans more often than other draconic creatures
  • Midgard Morning News – Newspaper produced in the city of Midgard and sold nationwide
  • Milo – Most common boy name on Gaia
  • Mythal – Enormous magical protective shield around Ysdar, the land of the elves
  • Redstream – Magical weave, fuelled by Bhaal’s energy
  • The Source / The Spirit Source – Mythical place somewhere inside Gaia which is the source of the spirits of all creatures
  • Shadowdancers – Thieves’ guild from Ileasaar operating in Aracona
  • Spiritstream – Ethereal weave that connects spirits with the Spirit Source
  • Tears of Gaia – The Tear of Gaia was an incredibly powerful crystal that got split up in three parts at the end of the War of the Three Crowns
  • Thaler and Kreutzer – The money used on Gaia
  • The War of Light and Darkness – see The Darkness
  • The War of the Three Crowns – Worldwide war between humans, elves and dwarves after the Darkness


  • Berk – Derogatory term similar to “Idiot”
  • Black Disc – The Symbol of Asmodeus during the Darkness
  • Clueless cutter – Derogatory term for adventurers who behave like fools, see Cutter
  • Cutter – Somewhat derogatory term for adventurers and other unstable folk
  • Dark heavens! – Phrase with a similar meaning as “Good Lord!”, referring to the Darkness
  • Dear Gaia! – Phrase with a similar meaning as “Dear God!”
  • to return to Gaia – to die, the spirit returns to the Source after death
  • to send so. back to Gaia – to kill so.
  • What in Bhaal’s name?! – Phrase with a similar meaning as “What in God’s name?!”


  • A year on Gaia consists of 12 months (= 360 days).
  • A month consists of 6 weeks (= 30 days).
  • A week consists of 5 days. The only weekday with a distinct name is Freeday, the last and generally work-free day of a week.

The months have the following names:

  1. Iceclaw (= January)
  2. Crystalis (= February)
  3. Trios (= March)
  4. Greenbring (= April)
  5. Lifespring (= May)
  6. Flowerall (= June)
  7. Warmtide (= July)
  8. Harvestar (= August)
  9. Parting (= September)
  10. Leaffall (= October)
  11. Fogging (= November)
  12. Deepcold (= December)