Patreon campaign for Gaia

After all these years, the day has come where we (Novil + Powree) have to ask you to support us financially to make sure that we can continue to make our comic Gaia. Therefore we’ve decided to start a Patreon campaign for Gaia. Advertising revenues are currently our only source of income from the comic. And, as you can see in the header image, those have really gone downhill during the last months. While Powree is still able to buy something to eat every day, I believe that she and I deserve a bit more than that for our hard work every month.

Patreon: Support Novil and Powree creating Gaia

You’ll also get some neat rewards in return for your monthly contribution. You can check out all available reward levels on the Patreon page and select your preferred one. To collect some of the rewards, you’ll have to create an account on this website which is already set up for that. I have also already uploaded some of the promised stuff. If you have further questions, you can find more details on our FAQ page.

Here are some of the offered rewards:

  • All ads disabled. (Bronze level)
  • See new comic pages early. (Silver level)
  • Download archives of all comic pages, drafts and other artwork. (Gold level)
  • Comic pages in their original size. (Diamond level)

There are also milestones for the total pledge amount. You can see them in the left sidebar of the Patreon page. If the first three milestones are reached, we’ll commit ourselves to publish a certain number of strips for a certain time period. You can pledge more than the amount given for the highest reward level to make sure that the next milestone is reached.

By the way, our new diamond patrons will immediately be able to suggest names for a couple of villagers living in Lilith’s home village Oakdale.

My favorite pages from the first four chapters – Places 1 to 10

Last week, I posted the places 11 to 25 from my personal top list of all pages published as part of the first four chapters of Gaia. Now it’s time for the top 10. The following pages are listed in chronological order.

The Red Hall #18 (#2, 12% of all votes)
Gaia: The Red Hall 018

When the first pages of Gaia were published in November 2011, I made sure that this page was presented on the front page of our website. It took a few iterations until the 3rd panel with the fire-and-ice golem looked right, but it was well worth the effort in the end. For example, Powree’s first draft showed Ilias and Ryn stabbing into a crystal heart in the center of the golem’s body rather than swaying their swords through the converse element. The panel is also available as a wallpaper. These monsters may look a little too sophisticated for just an exam, but I wanted something to “wow” our new readers.

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My favorite pages from the first four chapters – Places 11 to 25

Sometimes it’s tough to remember all the things that have happened over the course of a long running story comic such as Gaia. I took a look back and collected my favorite 25 pages from the first four chapters, The Red Hall, Shadowdancers, The Tower in the Sky and The Letter of Jael Bara. There were 272 pages in total in those four chapters, so this collection accounts for 9.19% of all published pages. This week, I’ll post the places 11 to 25. Next week, I’ll post my personal top 10 list. The following pages are listed in chronological order.

[Update: 1 Feb 2015]: The voting period during which the visitors of our website were able to vote for their favorite page has ended. I have added the voting result next to the title of each page.

The Red Hall #9 (#12, 4% of all votes)
Gaia: The Red Hall 009

“Don’t fight with words! Fight with potentially deadly weapons!” is one of my favorite lines in the whole comic. It’s only a single page, but it gives you a quite good outline of the rivalry between Ilias and Sandril as well as of Faye’s character.

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Character occurrence frequency 2011 to 2014

Here is a diagram that shows how often the main and supporting characters of Gaia appeared in each year. Note that there were only 28 pages in 2011. You can click on the image for a larger version.

Character occurrence frequency 2011 to 2014 in Gaia

Number of new pages per year:

  • 2011: 27 + 1 cover
  • 2012: 95 + 1 cover
  • 2013: 84 + 2 covers
  • 2014: 99 + 1 cover

Chapter covers – From sketch to finished version

Here you can see how the covers for the last three chapters were created.

  1. The first column shows the drafts that Powree sent me to request further feedback. The tower was drawn after several initial sketches to determine its final design. The other two images are the very first sketches of each cover. The missing “l” in “Jael Bara” is a typo.
  2. The second column shows the versions that Powree sent me after she had finished drawing.
  3. The third column shows the final version of each cover. As you can see I’ve changed the look of each page quite a bit by adding or changing visual effects.

The Tower in the Sky Cover – Draft

The Tower in the Sky Cover – Preliminary version

The Tower in the Sky Cover – Finished version

The Letter of Jael Bara – Draft

The Letter of Jael Bara – Preliminary version

The Letter of Jael Bara – Finished version

Breaking All Barriers – Draft

Breaking All Barriers – Preliminary version

Breaking All Barriers – Finished version