Minor website improvements

Today I worked on the website and removed commented out or unnecessary elements. I also replaced some database calls with hard-coded HTML to reduce the server load. The webpages should load slightly faster now. One always has to look that a website doesn’t become cluttered because more and more stuff is added to it.

My major ad provider will probably release asynchronous ads soon which should further increase the website speed.

Gaia now also published at MangaMagazine.net

Gaia at MangaMagazine.netGaia is now also published at MangaMagazine.net (start reading here)! At the moment, only the first 21 pages of chapter 1, The Red Hall, are available, but at least five pages per week will be posted during the next months to catch up with our main page.

Gaia is currently classified as a “featured” comic at MangaMagazine.net, but I hope it will be promoted to a “premium” comic soon which would be very lucrative for Powree and me. Of course, we need more page views and “fans of this comic” at MangaMagazine.net first.

Sketches and inked pages for donators

I have added the sketches and inked versions of all comic pages to the exclusive page for donators. This includes the complete first chapter “The Red Hall” and all comics up to the current page 51 from the second chapter “Shadowdancers”.

Like the sketches for Sandra and Woo, the images (770 pixels wide) are conveniently placed in a couple of zip archives. The final comic pages are also available for download!

Sketch for Shadowdancers 51 Inked page of Shadowdancers 51

Twilight and Smarty Pants

As a Calvin and Hobbes and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan, this crossover by Ripfrost (source) is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Click on the image for a larger version.

Twilight and Smarty Pants by Ripfrost

Updating two times a week again

Good news, everyone! Gaia will be updated two times each week again (instead of the current 2 – 1 – 2 – 1 cycle) from September until the end of December.