The Complete Gaia – Production Diary

On this page, I will occasionally post updates about the comic anthology The Complete Gaia. It will contain the whole comic, fanart and various other goodies. It will likely be published in two full-color hardcover volumes as part of a Kickstarter campaign once the end of the comic is in sight.

11 January 2020

  • I received the printing samples from the printing company ScandinavianBook. I’m fond of the printing quality and it was quite helpful to get samples of the different paper types.
  • I’ve had a breakthrough last weekend when thinking about several still unclear scenes of the current chapter. This means, the entire rest of the comic is now clear to me apart from one scene which will require some more thinking.
  • I prepared the cover of Gaia for the usage as book cover.
  • I created the following feature box to be used for the Kickstarter campaign:
    The Complete Gaia - Feature template

1 January 2020

We have already done some significant work for the anthology in the last year:

  • Powree drew a cover for the first chapter The Red Hall. As usual for cover pages, I made some adjustments and it turned out great!
  • Powree drew two sketches for the cover of the second volume. But more work is needed.
  • I received permission to use their Gaia fanart and commissions for the artwork section from almost all artists I contacted.
  • I arranged the artwork for 30 pages of the artwork section.
  • I looked for printing companies capable of printing full-color hardcovers and ordered ScandinavianBook’s printing samples.