Updating only once next week

There’s been a medical emergency in Powree’s family which is one of the main reasons of our current troubles to meet our release dates. Therefore I decided to update the comic only once next week. I hope this measure will give her enough preparation time to be able to meet our usual update schedule of two pages a week again.

Which version of strip #669 do you like better?

I have created an alternative version of strip #669 with just 4 panels instead of 6. It’s faster paced, but also lacks two nice panels. Which version do you prefer?

Which version of strip #669 do you like better?

  • Version with 6 panels (63%, 1,661 Votes)
  • Version with 4 panels (24%, 623 Votes)
  • No preference (13%, 351 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,635

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Wallpapers for patrons – Asking for ideas

I plan to commission other artists to draw high-quality artwork featuring characters from Sandra and Woo for our Patreon patrons (not necessarily in a 16:10 wallpaper format).

As a first step, I’d like to ask all of our patrons for suggestions what you would like to see. You may provide as many ideas as you like and also make the descriptions as detailed as you like. In fact, I’d even prefer detailed descriptions.

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Patreon campaign for Sandra and Woo

After all these years, the day has come where we (Novil + Powree) have to ask you to support us financially to make sure that we can continue to make our comic Sandra and Woo. Therefore we’ve decided to start a Patreon campaign for Sandra and Woo. We’ve never had any luck selling merchandising so advertising revenues are currently our only source of income from the comic. And, as you can see in the header image, those have really gone downhill during the last months. While Powree is still able to buy something to eat every day, I believe that she and I deserve a bit more than that for our hard work every month.

Patreon: Support Novil and Powree creating Sandra and Woo

You’ll also get some neat rewards in return for your monthly contribution. You can check out all available reward levels on the Patreon page and select your preferred one. To collect some of the rewards, you’ll have to create an account on this website which is already set up for that. I have also already uploaded some of the promised stuff. If you have further questions, you can find more details on our FAQ page.

Here are some of the offered rewards:

  • All ads disabled. (Bronze level)
  • See new comic strips early. (Silver level)
  • Download archives of all comics, drafts and other artwork. (Gold level)
  • Comic strips in their original size. (Diamond level)

There are also milestones for the total pledge amount. You can see them in the left sidebar of the Patreon page. If the first three milestones are reached, we’ll commit ourselves to publish a certain number of strips for a certain time period. You can pledge more than the amount given for the highest reward level to make sure that the next milestone is reached.

By the way, our new diamond patrons will immediately be able to suggest a name for a female co-worker of Sandra’s dad Richard who has a good chance to become a semi-regular character like Landon.