Minor website improvements

Today I worked on the website and removed commented out or unnecessary elements. I also replaced some database calls with hard-coded HTML to reduce the server load. The webpages should load slightly faster now. One always has to look that a website doesn’t become cluttered because more and more stuff is added to it.

My major ad provider will probably release asynchronous ads soon which should further increase the website speed.

Top 10 comments from comics #311 to #325

Here is my top 10 list of the best/funniest comments from the strips #311 to #325 in our archive. The top 10 of the strips #296 to #310 was posted on 10 November 2012.

Comment by Blitz on the strip Woo, The Math Genius:

“Sandy <3 Cloudy” is entirely true and correct. It’s the question that’s wrong.

Comment by N0083rP00F on the strip Woo, The Math Genius:

Deko: …woo is not a math expert..but a mating expert…….that’s why he knows that the answer is wrong…..

As a mating expert he should know his multiplication quite well then 😉

Comment by Blitz on the strip Everything Is Better With Maniacal Laughter:

It’s true, you know. I try to punctuate EVERY activity with a good, hearty, maniacal laugh.

(You should have heard the one that accompanied this comment!)

Comment by Gaz Wilmbroke on the strip Irrhetorical Question:

There’s made-up grades… Peppermint Patty got straight Zs one year.

Comment by vash_ts on the strip Landon Is Not Aware Of The Ladder Theory:

#10 boys she´d lend her flamethrower

Comment by Maravilla on the strip Landon Is Not Aware Of The Ladder Theory:

Ok first: The ladder theory is neither correct as it is, nor the total truth I assure you!
At least it puts thinks much too simple. As if EVERY boy just thought about the one thing (I know my boy friend does not, well not the whole time XD) and I think boys can also have friendships with other girls without considering whether they wanna kiss them or not. Just girls to hang out with, it may sound stuipid to some but I’m befriended with boys who don’t want something from me and I know boys (also without girlfriends) who casually hang out with girls. Also I know of girls beeing rejected by bosy beeing told “let’s just be friends” so its not one sided.

About jumping over to the other ladder: It can happen but I think it’s difficult. If a girl is not inittially interested ALSO in an intimate way then it’s highly unlikely the guy will ever be considered for something like that. Thats personal experience, I personally had two guys in love with me I only considered as friends and couldn’t even imagine kissing! (poor guys, I was really sorry, I realy liked them…)

Ok now what is totally wrong? To assume that girls will consider boys only as friends when they are nice and helpful! I know a bunch of girls liking nice-guys even without super musceles and what ever because it gives one a sense of security. So he might also have started climbing the other ladder. Especially since its Larissa who has had quite some boys (remember the strip where she is angry cause she was called a “whore” by cloey?) but never one that she considered staying with. These were prabably rather the good-looking-cool-guys. So something so different, someone caring for her might work (though It will probably take her to get it XD)

Comment by Landbark on the strip Larisa Is Not Aware Of The Ladder Theory:

Larisa’s ladder propably has only three steps:

Top one – Kiss now.
Middle one – Kiss later.
Bottom one – BURN!!!

and Landon jumped from middle to the top one.

Comment by MegaTJ on the strip Mcm310:

Cloud, have you gone nuts?! Sandra wields the impulse-triggered high-speed sphere accelerator! You just can’t say things like that to her face!

Comment by Greenwood Goat on the strip Mcm310:

And so, falling before the dreadful force of the liberator Cloud’s (folded) arms, the deposed empress of Northia went into internal exile. Confined to an area the size of her bed, she was taught the error of her ways. By Cloud. Personally.

When he was finished with her, she would never again bring the heel of oppression down on the powerless, the voiceless, the stuffed or the injection moulded. And she would always remember to return his calculator at the end of the maths lesson.

Comment by Erika on the strip Mcm310:

How revolting; they are revolting.

If they were revolting on the counter instead of the bedroom floor, it would be a counter revolution.

2000 friends on Facebook

Sandra and Woo has recently passed the mark of 2000 friends on its Facebook page. That’s a nice number keeping in mind that we don’t publish Facebook exclusive material. Meanwhile, its Google Plus page has a little over 300 followers.

Top 10 comments from comics #296 to #310

Here is my top 10 list of the best/funniest comments from the strips #296 to #310 in our archive. The top 10 of the strips #251 to #295 was posted on 3 November 2012.

Comment by AckAckAck on the strip a.r.t.I:

Sandra and Woo’s universe is actually in monochrome, and only paintings that had colours, it means that Sandra and Woo’s universe painters had this special power to reach to the forbidden zone never meant to be known by people (in that universe).

So, all coloured comics in Sandra and Woo comic is actually Ivan’s paintings. Ivan is like a combination of Gandalf, Loki, Sandman, the Specter, and Lord of Time combined into one.

This wild mass guessing is brought to you by Tinfoil Hat Inc.

Comment by JA_of_MN on the strip a.r.t.II:

Demons: Minions of Lucifer, bringers of torment and suffering. They also know how to balance a budget.
Who knew?

Comment by Wolfen on the strip a.r.t.II:

Pretty sure Larissa’s only inner demon is Ifrit.

Comment by gerardo tejada on the strip a.r.t.II:

The imagination is tied to how we been raised and were we sit on society. A basic explanation for larisa is somwhat of a rebellious atittude to her father´s style and a way to express some feelings that can get out other way (If we consider Larisa´s life have more fire than flowers).

Besides in her Caothic Neutral ideology the unexpected is to be expected, of course I dont think she “thinks” that way (as rational thinking is not part of her). Also experimentation in art is product of reflexion, a simple pretty picture has a lot less “philosophycal reflexion”, in it simplicity is extrictly caothic (example: Punk).

Is always to be remembered that the character of Larissa is tied to her use of insuline, her family (and her conection with Russian Heritage), her “comodity” (they dont suffer too much to pays the bills and Larissa has enough money to buy her set for painting), her rebelious attitude and her relationship with her friends.

She doesnt care for other people views, as long as she herself feels fine and see no harm. The “slut” arc for example. Her paintings dont have to be coherent with her, but just give her pleassure. Her painting would also be liberated of the modern and ilustrated concept of art (s XVIII), so she gives not a crap about if her paintings can be considered as ART or as simple paintings.

Is complex but pretty simple: she just paints what she feels like to paint/ paints what she wants.

To just paint flames and destruction will not fit in her ideology, is what the others expect of her.

Comment by NDividedByZero on the strip a.r.t.III:

Leave it to Larisa to turn an impressionist piece into surrealism.

Comment by Icalasari on the strip What Woo Needs:

Then comes the disappointment for Lily when Woo interprets “cuddling” as cuddling

Comment by Zack the Kajillionth on the strip Eating:

And so the “worm” tag was born.
And as such the “worm” tag may never be used again.

Comment by Marj on the strip “Cuddling”:

Woo deliberately lost every game from then on.

Comment by Unclever title on the strip “Cuddling”:

That butterfly seemed awfully curious about that conversation.

Comment by Blitz on the strip Important Advice:

The amazing thing is, they never even got to any dares. All Larisa had to do was tell the truth!

Top 10 comments from comics #251 to #295

Here is my top 10 list of the best/funniest comments from the strips #251 to #295 in our archive. The top 10 of the strips #226 to #250 was posted on 20 October 2012.

Comment by gamerjoel135 on the strip New World Record:

“Mommy! I want a cell phone!”
“No, you have to earn the money to buy one yourself. Everything you want isn’t going to just fall out of the sky because you…” *BAM*

Comment by Juice on the strip Things To Come:

Sit through 4 hours of rain without hood.

put hood up when rain stops.

brilliant, Harvey >.<

Comment by Crestlinger on the strip Predator And Prey:

Woo’s counter: i just ate your offspring. Eat me if you want to find out what they taste like.

Comment by Katana on the strip Good And Bad News:

[A detailed comment on today’s comic]

Comment by Billy Joe on the strip Council Of War:

Don’t do it! The Lumberjacks are at a territorial advantage, and thus gain +5 to all stats!

Comment by Billy Joe on the strip Special Attack I:

I’ll carry out Master Ye Thuza’s special techniques for a suprisingly commenty comment!

Comment by Delore on the strip Special Attack II:

*Cheesy Final Fantasy backround music*

Cloud level up!

Cloud learnt “Nut Cracker”!

Larisa found “Builders Helmet”!

Comment by jeetee on the strip The Valley Of The Violets:

wolvesrawesome: i dont mean to be a troll, but i wish to say wolves dont act like this. […]

So according to you, who has studies wolves for 6 years, they do not rustle and come out of bushes?
Because no other characteristics have been shown as of yet..

Comment by Marj on the strip Practice Makes Perfect :

It’s not who’s a better kisser. It’s who you like kissing better.

Sandra’s figured that out.

Comment by Landbark on the strip Homecoming III:

Larisa’s life is good, but still not perfect.
She’ll have it when her mother’s only question will be:
“Are you still in one piece?”