Character occurrence frequency 2008 to 2012

Here is a diagram that shows how often the main and supporting characters appeared in the strips of each year. Note that there were only 20 strips in 2008. Cloud will appear more often again in 2013.

Character appearance stats 2008 to 2012

Merry Christmas!

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Once again, my family has the bestest Christmas tree:

Christmas tree

Raccoon Nation

Raccoon Nation is an excellent documentary about urban raccoons. US-Americans can watch the full episode at PBS. Canadians can watch it on CBC. Visitors from other countries unfortunately have to buy it for $1.99 on Amazon if they don’t have access to an US proxy or manage to find an illegal copy somewhere.

Screenshot from Raccoon Nation

Raccoon Nation gives an overview of the life of urban raccoons, following the endeavors of a mother and her kits in Toronto over the course of six months. The documentary prominently features Stan Gehrt and Frank-Uwe Michler, the two leading raccoon experts in the world, so the scientific accuracy is pretty good. New research results and the raccoon populations in Germany and Japan are presented as well.

It is argued that raccoons, which have been living in urban environments for many generations now, develop skills not seen in raccoons living in natural habitats. By trying to make city life harder for raccoons, humans might “accidentally” also make them smarter.

Copyright infringements and you

More and more frequently, I receive e-mails from readers who want to inform me that images from our comic(s) are posted on other websites. This can be very helpful to detect copyright infringements, so I’m grateful for every notice I receive.

Note, however, that not every usage of our comics is automatically a copyright infringement. Our comics are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. In short, this free license allows the publication on non-commercial websites if proper attribution to the creators is given (more info).

But even if you believe that there’s a massive copyright infringement going on, you should never file a take-down request yourself! This is still my job if I feel that some kind of reaction is required. What you can do, apart from informing me, is to write a comment beneath the submission/blog post/… with a link to our comic website. Plenty of readers have found our comics this way.

Website stats and outlook for 2013

Here is a chart showing the visitors per day on Sandra and Woo and Gaia:

Website stats for Sandra and Woo and Gaia

The number of visitors is probably the most important measure of success for a webcomic creator. So I’m very glad that the number of readers of Sandra and Woo is still increasing. Especially Software Engineering, Now With Cats! has quickly become one of our most popular comic strips, resulting in 39,000 visits on Monday, 19 November, and Thursday, 29 November.

Thanks to everybody who spreads the word about our comics and posts links to them on his Facebook page or website!

Next year will bring two important milestones for Sandra and Woo. In July or August we will publish our 500th strip which will be a particularly complex one. Its creation will take a lot of time so we might have to publish some guest art instead of new strips in preparation for it. Later, on 19 October 2013, Sandra and Woo will celebrate its 5th birthday. While we don’t plan to publish another special strip on that occasion, you can look forward to some other special features. The year will begin with a story arc that introduces Sandra’s alter ego Sandy South, private eye extraordinaire. A parody of the detective genre is just something I always wanted to do.