Sandra and Woo Search Strings

Like many (if not most) other website admins, I use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors and other stats of our website. Google Analytics also offers a comprehensive list of keywords that users typed into a search engine before clicking on the link to Sandra and Woo in the result list. Most of these keywords are rather boring, like “sandra woo”, “Sadnra & Whoo” or “comic strip raccoon”. Of course, there is also always a good number of visitors who were looking for Avril Lavigne getting undressed or Cloud and Tifa doing nasty things. But once in a while, some really weird keywords pop up in the list. I had a thorough look at all the keywords typed into a search engine since 1 October 2008 to present you the most bizarre ones here:

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Website design update

I’m sure regular readers will notice the new blue background, but this is just one of the changes I have made to the website design during the last two days. I was getting the impression that the design of the website needs an update to be ready for the next decade, but I also did not want to change the whole layout since I think it works well overall. Instead I made many small changes, including the following ones:

  • The transcription of the comic dialog is now inside a small box so that it does no longer look like the transcription is part of the comic description.
  • The <blockquote> boxes have a gray background now and a prettier, dashed outline.
  • The author and date are now located beneath the comic navigation menu which is also looking slightly different.
  • The comment section now also offers a “Reply” button in addition to the “Quote” button. Both buttons are also more easily visible.
  • The design of the various widgets on the left and right sidebar has been improved and is now consistent to each other.
  • etc.?

Short interruption of the current storyline

Today I’ve handed in my diploma thesis in media computer science (“Medieninformatik”). Naturally, I was very busy during the last weeks so I could do barely anything for Sandra and Woo. We’ve been using up our strip buffer for the last updates, but now the script for the next strip is just not written yet. This means that the current storyline will be resumed on Thursday next week. On Monday, we will publish another strip which was supposed to be used at a later date.

Ellen DeGeneres: An Unbelievable Batch of Bad Paid-for Photos

This is the funniest thing I have seen in months:

And there are much more videos of the same category on the website of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I really have to check them out when I’m going to have more time again.

Woo’s cameo in My Cage

Woo had a small cameo today (Sunday, 18 July 2010) in the newspaper comic strip My Cage by Ed Power (his My Cage blog) and Melissa DeJesus:

My Cage, 18 July 2010