Greatly improved site speed

Good news, everyone! Our website now loads much faster since the ads now load after the rest of site has loaded first. The speed improvement seems to be much bigger than I expected. The pages now often load within the blink of an eye instead of taking several seconds like they did before since the browser no longer has to wait for the fancy Flash banner in the last position of the ad chain to render the page. This speed improvement will especially benefit new readers who want to read all the comics in the archive.


The brand new music video Pixels, which pays homage to several well-known retro games, by Patrick Jean of One More Prod is just too awesome to not post it:

Guest art for our April fools joke

Here you can see the three pieces of guest art drawn by Marjorie Rishel of Lepus Studios, Willie O’Brien (DeviantArt gallery) and Sandra Molina Juan of Rankor Chronicles for our April fools joke. The image board itself is once again online in its initial state without posts by other users and with locked boards so that nobody can post in them at

Woo and Bert Raccoon enjoy a sandwich Cloud Williams and Sandra Lockheart
The Firestarter

Sandy the Third Loituma

For April fools Powree drew the following short animation of Sandra dressed up as Sandy the Third, empress and supreme ruler of Northia. She’s spinning her scepter to Beatnick’s techno version of the Finnish folk song Ievan Polkka sung by the band Loituma. (see also: the Wikipedia article about the Loituma Girl internet meme)

Looking for comment moderators

Update (9 April 2010): Unfortunately the idea with comment moderators didn’t work out the way I hoped it would, so I’ll have to look for another solution if there should be problems in the future.

One degenerated %#&§?& had to ruin our April fools joke by posting extremely lewd pictures on our website.

This incident has made it clear that our webcomic has now gotten so popular that it attracts the attention of trolls and other internet scum. Because of this it is necessary to control the comments that appear on our website more strictly. However, I’m still hopefull that we don’t have to resort to a moderation queue for comments since this would significantly affect the possibility for discussions among visitors in a negative way.

Instead we are now looking for comment moderators. A comment moderator has complete control over all comments written by other visitors and can delete them if they contain inappropriate content, especially links to pornographic or excessively violent material, but also particularly offensive swear words and libel.

If you are a regular contributor to our comment section you can REGISTER HERE so that I can set your user role from “Member” to “Comment Moderator” afterwards. After I have set your new user role, you have to login to be able to access the moderator tools for comment moderation. There’s now a “User Panel” menu on the left sidebar for logging in.

We hope that enough regulars will be interested so that it will take only minutes until the next moderator visits the site and removes the inappropriate comment.