Sandra and Woo by Dan Long

Some time ago Dan Long, the creator of the webcomic Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life, offered two book collections that included original drawings as an extra.

For the first page of book 2, I commissioned a drawing of Sandra and Woo book 2. Here it is (Click on the image for a larger version):

Sandra and Woo by Dan Long

For book 1, I requested a drawing of Edmund and for the third included drawing I asked for Crushbruiser (Click on the images for larger versions):

Edmund by Dan Long Crushbruiser by Dan Long

Poll results

From 10 December 2011 to 11 August 2012, the following eight polls ran on Sandra and Woo. All of them got over a thousand votes and it’s time to present the results.

Poll from 10 December 2011:

Poll Nr. 41

Unsurprisingly, the short story arc about Larisa’s and her father’s differing view on art got the most votes. Although single strips of it were criticised, the long story of Sandra’s search for Woo got 17% of the votes.

Poll from 10 December 2011:

Poll Nr. 42

Only a tiny minority of our readers thinks that the comment rating feature is bad.

Poll from 10 December 2011:

Poll Nr. 43

A good number of the Sandra and Woo readers also read Gaia. Some want to wait until more material is available.

Poll from 10 December 2011:

Poll Nr. 44

Fluttershy is best pony. Rarity needs more love, though.

Poll from 6 April 2012:

Poll Nr. 45

According to our readers the quality of the story lines posted from strip #315 to strip #355 was pretty consistent.

Poll from 6 April 2012:

Poll Nr. 46

$10 to $15 for an Sandra and Woo seems to be a reasonable price according to our readers. Of course, the final price also depends on the chuck of the money going to the sales platform.

Poll from 6 April 2012:

Poll Nr. 47

Role-playing game are by far the most popular genre. One of the most surprising results of any poll running on Sandra and Woo is the unpopularity of action games with just 2% of the votes although it’s the genre with the most games and best sales numbers.

Poll from 6 April 2012:

Poll Nr. 48

Or, in other words, 49% of our readers pirate music, 33% pirate movies, 29% pirate games and 34% pirate no media. (There’s a calculation error regarding the percent value of the last option.) I’m sure these numbers would be much lower if big media would treat their customers not like potential criminals and offered DRM free content.

Sandra and Woo t-shirt store opened!

The Sandra and Woo t-shirt store at Spreadshirt is now open!

You can find the following t-shirt designs in our shop. The standard shirts are only $15.95!

Design Woo! | Sandra and Woo Store at Spreadshirt   Design I Love Fire | Sandra and Woo Store at Spreadshirt

Design Let's Go Nuts! | Sandra and Woo Store at Spreadshirt   Design Food Chain | Sandra and Woo Store at Spreadshirt

You can select different colors if you don’t like the predefined one for the t-shirt.

If the shop is successful, we’ll add more designs in the future. And we’ll open an additional Spreadshirt shop for European customers.

I myself got the Woo! shirt. Regarding the print, I liked how Woo’s white eyes turned out and the clean action lines above Woo’s head which didn’t bleed into the letters.

Sandra and Woo fanart by Scotty Arsenault

Scotty Arsenault, the creator of the funny space opera Commander Kitty, sent me a wonderful piece of Sandra and Woo fanart today. While their other crew members seem to be terrified of Commander Kitty’s “secret weapon” Fluffy, Woo Lily and Shadow are less impressed.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Woo vs. Commander Kitty by Scotty Arsenault

Possible Sandra and Woo t-shirts

There have been some comments asking for Sandra and Woo t-shirts during the last months. So I’d like to ask all of you if there is interest in the t-shirt designs you can see above. Note that those are only sketches, for example the “Fire” text would be larger in the final version. However, don’t expect dramatic changes. I’d also make the “Food Chain” design available again.

I consider to use Spreadshirt as a service for producing and selling the t-shirts. Their flex printing technique is said to be quite good and I would use it for the designs above. I’m not completely sure about the final price, but it will maybe be around $18,90 plus shipping for a t-shirt.

We will only start to sell t-shirts if there is at least some interest since it would just be a waste of time otherwise. If you would buy a shirt, please write a comment saying something like “I’d buy a shirt with the design ABC and I’m willing to spend around $20 for it.”