Editing competition

I received more than 30 applications for the two editor positions for Sandra and Woo and Gaia. It was a tough decision between many equally qualified candidates, but I eventually made up my mind and contacted two of them today.

Since there was so much interest in editing Sandra and Woo (and Gaia) I want to hold a little editing competition in which you have the chance to win some prize money by suggesting corrections to the dialog used in our Sandra and Woo strips. The competition works like this:

  • The goal of the competition is to find grammar mistakes and alternative phrases which sound better than the ones currently used in the already published Sandra and Woo strips.
  • Only corrections mailed to novil@gmx.de with the title “Editing competition” will be considered. I will check my spam folder regularly so you don’t have to be afraid that your mail got lost.
  • The competition will be split into five parts consisting of 50 strips, each lasting one week. Only corrections related to those strips will be considered in the given time frame:
    • Strips #1 – #50: Monday, 31 January, 0:00 CET – Sunday, 6 February, 23:59 CET
    • Strips #51 – #100: Monday, 7 February, 0:00 CET – Sunday, 13 February, 23:59 CET
    • Strips #101 – #150: Monday, 14 February, 0:00 CET – Sunday, 20 February, 23:59 CET
    • Strips #151 – #200: Monday, 21 February, 0:00 CET – Sunday, 27 February, 23:59 CET
    • Strips #201 – #249: Monday, 28 February, 0:00 CET – Sunday, 6 March, 23:59 CET
  • You will get $3 $2 for every reported mistake and $1 for every minor correction which I will eventually use. If two competitors suggest the same correction, the first competitor will get the money, unless the second competitor provides a significantly better explanation why his version of the phrase is better than the one currently used in the strip AND I need this explanation to understand the problem.
  • The competitor with the most acknowledged corrections in one part will receive $5 extra.
  • The competitor with the most acknowledged corrections overall will receive $10 extra.
  • If there are several competitors who found the same amount of mistakes, the winner of the bonus will be selected among them by chance.
  • An example: If you should report 10 mistakes and 5 minor corrections, winning two parts and the overall ranking, you will receive $2 x 10 + $1 x 5 + $5 x 2 + $10 = $45 in the end.
  • I will pay with Paypal after the end of the competition. I will consider alternative payment methods for winners without a Paypal account who won $10 or more.
  • All competitors with an acknowledged correction will be thanked for in a news post on our main page. So don’t forget to include a link to your homepage in your comment if you have one.

The first part of the competition starts now!

Update (31 January 2011): I have already received so many corrections (much more than I hoped for) that I’m now in a difficult situation. If I accepted all the suggestions which are just “nice to have” instead of correcting actual mistakes, the competition would become too expensive for me. Therefore I want to reduce the prize money to $2 for corrections of actual mistakes, and to $1 for minor improvements of the text flow. I hope that everybody is okay with that.

Looking for two new editors

We are looking for two new editors who have a second look at the dialog of the comic strips before their publication. One of the new editors should check every new page of Gaia, the other new editor should check new Sandra and Woo strips as well as new Gaia pages, but is allowed to miss an update once in a while.

An editor should be able to tell me that “will be gone” is not the correct tense in a complicated sentence. These things will be discussed in an internal forum. Of course the new editors will get credit on the About page of our website. They will also get a little gift from their Amazon.com wishlist at the end of the year as a compensation for their effort.

If you are a native English speaker who is interested in the position, you can write a comment or send an e-mail to novil@gmx.de. Considering the small amount of new dialog each week, it’s really not much work to do. But nonetheless you should be reliable.

Update (25 January 2011): I will have a closer look at all the applications I received next weekend. Don’t expect a decision before that.

Gaia – Example page

Powree has drawn the following page of Gaia as a proof of concept. It took her two full days to finish the page, so the start date and the update schedule of the comic is still in limbo.

Gaia 0002

Sandra and Woo nominated for “Best Black and White Art” at the TWCL Awards 2010

Sandra and Woo has gotten enough votes by other webcomic creators to make it to the short list for the category “Best Black and White Art” at the Wecomic List Awards 2010. The other two nominees are The Abominable Charles Christopher and Lackadaisy which is certainly the favorite for winning this category this year.

Farewell – Commission by Powree

Powree has finished the commission from the digital art auction mentioned on Sandra and Woo in December. And it turned out as one of her best drawings yet (click on the image for a larger version):


I also want to give kudos to the commissioner Newenglander for requesting such an interesting piece. Here is Powree’s description:

The pictured character, Janus, was the wolf who found and cared for the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. A temple was then built by the twins to commemorate their bond. However, the place is now in ruins after one of the twins’ death, and thus Janus sets out to seek revenge