Results of our editing contest

Here are the results of the fifth and last part of our editing contest:

  1. C. Wray: $16 + $5 + $10 (as overall winner)
  2. Chris: $5
  3. Charles Wang: $4
  4. Jaded L.: $4
  5. Brenden Myers: $3
  6. Matt Fonti: $2

Here is the complete list:

  1. C. Wray: $93
  2. Chris: $59
  3. Brenden Myers: $55
  4. Charles Wang: $53
  5. Matt Fonti: $18
  6. Jaded L.: $7
  7. Ronald D. Bauerle: $6
  8. Jenny Xia: $4
  9. Fred Miller: $3
  10. Jeremy Heater: $3
  11. Melissa Marx: $2

All of you should send your Paypal account name to so that I can send you the money. I will have a last look at all suggestions over the course of the next week, though, to see if I missed a good one. Therefore I will send the money not before the next weekend. I will update the totals on this page accordingly and notify editors not yet on the list if necessary.

The Maretrix

The Maretrix“Why, Ms. Sparkle? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep helping your friends? Do you believe you’re getting something in return? More than a thank-you? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it apples? Or good weather? Perhaps dresses? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Ms. Sparkle. Vagaries of pony-ception. The temporary constructs of a feeble pony intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without sadness or despair. And all of them as artificial as the Maretrix itself, although only a pony mind could invent something as heartwarming as love. You must be able to see it, Ms. Sparkle. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep helping your friends. Why, Ms. Sparkle? Why? Why do you persist?”

“…Because friendship is magic!”

“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, I can only recommend watching it (in contrast to “Matrix Revolutions”). At least if you’re not a 16 year old male teenager who has to prove his manliness to the world at any given moment. You can watch the entire series on MenloMarseilles’ YouTube channel. The first two episodes are a bit too corny for my taste, but the character design is really done well and the facial expressions are pure gold. However, the characters often talk fast and have American accents, so non-native speakers may need the transcripts of the episodes posted on the My Little Pony Wiki. Another source of information about the show is the Equestria Daily blog. I’m sure nobody believed a cartoon series based on a toyline for little girls could be entertaining at all. Kudos to Lauren Faust and her team for making the impossible highly unlikely happen.

Fifth part of the editing contest

The fifth and last part of the editing contest which deals with the strips #201 – #249 starts now.

Here are the winners of the third part of the competition:

  1. C. Wray: $19 + $5
  2. Chris: $18
  3. Brenden Myers: $8
  4. Jeremy Heater: $3
  5. Matt Fonti: $1

I want to thank everybody who participated in the fourth part of the contest.

I’d like to point out that we had a different “winner” each time. All four of them also still have the chance to win the additional $10 for the overall winner:

  1. C. Wray: $8 + $9 + $18 + $19 = $54 + $5 = $59
  2. Chris: $0 + $10 + $19 + $18 = $47 + $5 = $52
  3. Brenden Myers: $20 + $8 + $10 + $8 = $46 + $5 = $51
  4. Charles Wang: $16 + $22 + $5 + $0 = $43 + $5 = $48

Charity helping Burmese refugees

Help without FrontiersAs promised in the description section of one of our last strips, I made a large donation to the German division of the Italian charity Help without Frontiers (Helfen ohne Grenzen) today. Despite its somewhat generic name, the charity’s sole mission is to help Burmese refugees in Thailand who have been forced to flee Burma/Myanmar by the tyrannic military regime.

As their main project, Help without Frontiers funds schools for around 6,400 students in the border region, and provides meals for the students. On top of that, they sponsor a clinic and a sewing workshop which provides employment opportunites for some of the adult refugees.

If you have a look at their financial reports you can see that they are very careful with their limited financial resources (the total income of the charity in 2009 was 669,672 €, and they spend 473,740 € for projects) and that their administrative costs are usually around 10% (the net costs for administration in 2009 were 56,602 €, in 2008 they were only 31,277 €, but they had to hire a full-time employee) which is a very good number for a charity of any size.

If you want to support Help without Frontiers yourself, you can find the relevant information on these pages:

Here is a list of all our Burma related strips.

Sandra and Woo: Overall Score

Fourth part of the editing contest

The fourth part of the editing contest which deals with the strips #151 – #200 starts now.

Here are the winners of the third part of the competition:

  1. Chris: $19 + $5
  2. C. Wray: $18
  3. Brenden Myers: $10
  4. Matt Fonti: $5
  5. Charles Wang: $5
  6. Jaded L.: $3

I want to thank everybody who participated in the third part of the contest.