Artwork: The Flamethrower

Serathus: The Flamethrower (Larisa with a flamethrower)

Within the scope of our feature “commissioned artwork of our characters drawn by other talented artists”, the Philippine artist Jericho (Serathus) drew the picture you can see above. It is, for obvious reasons, titled “The Flamethrower”.

Supporters can download the image in its original size (1800 x 2500) and as a wallpaper on the special page for donators.

I’m open for suggestions for subjects that you’d like to see drawn in color. A new picture will be posted every second Saturday.

New polls

There are six new polls that appear randomly in the voting box on the right sidebar of the webpage. They’re mostly about topics that advertisers find interesting about the visitors of a website. It would be good if I could provide our advertisers some solid facts about the composition of our readership.

Artwork: The Flower

Exarrdian: The Flower (Sandra and Cloud on a Meadow)

I’m happy to announce a new feature on Sandra and Woo: Commissioned artwork featuring our characters drawn by other talented artists. You can expect a wide range of different styles and subjects and one or two new images per month.

The first painting is titled “The Flower” and was drawn by the Bulgarian artist Denny (Exarrdian). She has a DeviantArt gallery and a fantasy webcomic called FanFyria. Exarrdian is already working on a second image and I hope she will become a regular contributor to the feature.

Supporters can download the image in its original size (3300 x 2500 pixel) and as a wallpaper (1600 x 1200 pixel) on the special page for donators.

I’m open for suggestions for topics that you’d like to see drawn in color.

Thank you for supporting Sandra and Woo

We are grateful for every reader. But if you support Sandra and Woo by

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or in another special way, I want to particularly thank you for your support. 🙂 Without people like you, even less independent artists would be able to find an audience on the internet and to earn some money with their art.

I’m currently saving money to ensure future updates of Sandra and Woo and Gaia until at least the end of 2012.

Important announcement regarding Gaia

The first pages of our new fantasy webcomic Gaia will be released in November 2011. We will then post two new full color pages per week starting in December 2011.

You can read some basic information about Gaia in this blog post from last December.

On the Gaia website you can already find the following articles:

Just like Sandra and Woo, Gaia will be written by Oliver Knörzer (Novil), drawn by Puri Andini (Powree) and edited Brenden Myers, Charles Wang, Chris, C. Wray and Sarah Dunphy.

The update schedule and content of Sandra and Woo will remain unchanged.

Here is the sample page (page 2) I posted in January (the dialog contains a typo, it should be “archmage”):

Gaia: The Red Hall 002