Online again

Our website is online again, though not everything is expected to work 100% until our domain gets directly redirected to it. Here is what happened during the last weeks:

The problems started when my webhost Hostloco upgraded their MySQL database servers. Databases are used to store the dynamic content of a website, for example this news entry. After switching from MySQL 4.x to MySQL 5.x, Hostloco experienced problems with corrupt databases and “rogue” error logs that quickly filled the hard-drives. This caused occasional downtimes and/or the website loading very slowly.

When this was gradually getting better at the end of the last week, Hostloco became the victim of a DDoS attack that completely brought down their MySQL servers.

Being a very small company, Hostloco was not able to move customers to unaffected substitute systems. I do not blame them since their really cheap shared webhosting packet has been very reliable for many years before these problems began. However, with Sandra and Woo having become so popular, the reliability of our webhost is now more important than the price.

Because of this I ordered a new managed virtual server packet at Hosteurope, a mid-sized company which has received very good ratings as a webhost during the last years. A virtual server instead of shared webhosting will also offer additional resources for the future growth of Sandra and Woo regarding its visitor numbers.

Currently there are problems with the update of the DNS entries for Instead of our new IP at Hosteurope, the DNS entries for are still pointing to our old IP at Hostloco. I’m using a local redirect with a .htaccess file to solve this problem at the moment. This is the reason for the strange address in the address bar of your browser.

All my other websites, for example the one for the German version of Sandra and Woo will remain on the old webspace. With two webspace packets at different hosters, there is the chance that one can be used as a backup if the other is experiencing serious problems.

Poll results (Part 3 of 3)

Here is the third and last part of my presentation of the results of the polls at Sandra and Woo. The first part was posted on Sunday, the second part on Tuesday.

Poll from 6 April 2010:

Poll Nr. 19

Most of the readers who voted for “Link at another webcomic” probably also clicked on an advertisement banner since there are not that many “real” links to Sandra and Woo on other webcomic sites.

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Poll results (Part 2 of 3)

Here is the second part of my presentation of the results of the polls at Sandra and Woo. The first part was posted on Sunday.

Poll from 13 November 2009:

Poll Nr. 11

The result of this poll is very similar to the one of the previous poll whether our readers prefer story-based (which also got 60 % of all votes) or gag-a-day comics.

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Poll results (Part 1 of 3)

Since 1 February 2009, 26 different polls have been running on Sandra and Woo for several months each. All of them got several hundred votes and I think it’s now time to present the results. Because of the large number of polls, there will be three separate news entries for it.

There are now six new poll which appear randomly in the right sidebar.

Here are the first ten polls:

Poll from 1 February 2009:

Poll Nr. 1

Almost 50 % of our readers preferred an extra strip to colored strips or a wallpaper.

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Visitor numbers

We are very happy with the growth of our visitor numbers. As you can see in the attached chart, the first half of 2010 was a particularly successful time period with a plus of almost 1,000 visits per day in February and May. So far there has not been a single month with a decrease of visitor numbers of our main site

(click on the image to increase the size of the chart)

Visits per Day of Sandra and Woo

Sandra and Woo is certainly among the top 10 webcomics which started 2008 or later regarding its visitor numbers. Maybe we can even break 10,000 visits per day this year. I’m a bit skeptical, though, since December is usually a tough month because of all the holidays at its end.

We especially want to thank everybody who helps spreading the word about Sandra and Woo by mentioning it in forum posts or on link pages. We always get a couple of new visitors – and maybe regular readers – this way.