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If you’re not yet looking My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic you’re missing out one of the most entertaining cartoon shows since, well, ever. Here are my two favorite episodes so far: Swarm of the Century and Sonic Rainboom which I found so great that I already watched it twice. They are also among the favorites of many other fans. Both were written by M. A. Larson so I’m sure we’ll hear more of him/her in the future.

Swarm of the Century:

Sonic Rainboom:

If you’d like to watch the episodes in HD, you can find download links (and a magnet torrent) in this thread at Ponychan:

Some fans are a bit extreme ;):

I never really cared at first, but when all the drama went down a few weeks ago with the mods banning everyone. I kinda got curious, and I watched the show.

I thought it was just you guys latching onto it in a kitchy, “yeah this is crappy, but in an amusing way” kind of way.

I was wrong.

I love this. I love the characters, I love the songs, I love everything about it. I’m currently on episode 11, and I’m going to try to watch the rest of the season that’s out tonight. This show… it’s just so… I really don’t know how to describe it. It just fills me with this sort of nostalgic glow that reminds me of when I was a kid and didn’t have to worry about anything, and makes me feel wonderful about myself. I’ve actually got tears in my eyes as I’m writing this, but they’re tears of joy.

I love you guys so much.

Fanart Contest (with prize money)

After the big success of our editing contest, I decided to hold another competition, the first Sandra and Woo fanart contest. We have received a couple of nice drawings during the last two years (see the fanart section on our Artwork page), but I’d really like to see more interpretations of our characters by other artists. Unlike most other such contests on other (webcomic) websites, ours comes with a nice prize money for the five winners who I will pick from all contestants:

  • 1. place: $100
  • 2. place: $50
  • 3. place: $25
  • 4. place: $15
  • 5. place: $10

I’m not only looking for technical skill, but also for clever ideas. You’re free in your choice for the subject of the image as long as it’s related to our comic and its content is suitable for most minors.

Please send your image in an e-mail to which should have the subject “Fanart Contest”. You can attach the image to the e-mail or include a link to it. You must submit the image before Monday, 11 April 2011. I hope one month will be enough time for everybody who is interested in participating in the contest.

Additional information about the contest:

  • You are allowed to submit several drawings (or other types of art), but you can’t win multiple prizes, only the prize for the best drawing.
  • You are allowed, even encouraged, to post your image elsewhere on the internet as long as you’re not giving the impression that you’re the “owner” of the characters you drew.
  • If you choose to color your image, you must give the characters the same hair color as seen in the following drawings or this strip.
  • After the initial display in a blog post, the images will be put into the fanart section of our Artwork page. If you have a website which is suitable for minors, you should include a link to it in your e-mail.
  • You can sign your work, but a large, ugly watermark will significantly reduce your chance of winning anything.
  • If your image is drawn digitally it would be the best if you send it to me in its original size in a lossless format (for example TIF or PNG without reduced color depth). If your image is drawn on paper and then scanned in, you should send me a cleaned-up version of reasonable size in a lossless format. The more detailed the artwork is, the bigger the image size should be. But don’t send anything with more than 25 million pixel (5000 x 5000 pixel).

Suggestions for Sandra and Woo merchandising

I’m currently discussing various options for Sandra and Woo merchandising with a company. So I’d like to ask you if you are interested in a specific kind of product? So much that you would actually BUY it although it will certainly cost more than a similar product in a generic store, especially when considering the shipping costs? You’re not limited to printed stuff (t-shirts, mugs, etc.) with your suggestions, though. It could be anything.

Results of our editing contest

Here are the results of the fifth and last part of our editing contest:

  1. C. Wray: $16 + $5 + $10 (as overall winner)
  2. Chris: $5
  3. Charles Wang: $4
  4. Jaded L.: $4
  5. Brenden Myers: $3
  6. Matt Fonti: $2

Here is the complete list:

  1. C. Wray: $93
  2. Chris: $59
  3. Brenden Myers: $55
  4. Charles Wang: $53
  5. Matt Fonti: $18
  6. Jaded L.: $7
  7. Ronald D. Bauerle: $6
  8. Jenny Xia: $4
  9. Fred Miller: $3
  10. Jeremy Heater: $3
  11. Melissa Marx: $2

All of you should send your Paypal account name to so that I can send you the money. I will have a last look at all suggestions over the course of the next week, though, to see if I missed a good one. Therefore I will send the money not before the next weekend. I will update the totals on this page accordingly and notify editors not yet on the list if necessary.

The Maretrix

The Maretrix“Why, Ms. Sparkle? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep helping your friends? Do you believe you’re getting something in return? More than a thank-you? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it apples? Or good weather? Perhaps dresses? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Ms. Sparkle. Vagaries of pony-ception. The temporary constructs of a feeble pony intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without sadness or despair. And all of them as artificial as the Maretrix itself, although only a pony mind could invent something as heartwarming as love. You must be able to see it, Ms. Sparkle. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep helping your friends. Why, Ms. Sparkle? Why? Why do you persist?”

“…Because friendship is magic!”

“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, I can only recommend watching it (in contrast to “Matrix Revolutions”). At least if you’re not a 16 year old male teenager who has to prove his manliness to the world at any given moment. You can watch the entire series on MenloMarseilles’ YouTube channel. The first two episodes are a bit too corny for my taste, but the character design is really done well and the facial expressions are pure gold. However, the characters often talk fast and have American accents, so non-native speakers may need the transcripts of the episodes posted on the My Little Pony Wiki. Another source of information about the show is the Equestria Daily blog. I’m sure nobody believed a cartoon series based on a toyline for little girls could be entertaining at all. Kudos to Lauren Faust and her team for making the impossible highly unlikely happen.