Webcomic tips: Buni, Lackadaisy and Skia

It’s once again time for our popular feature “Novil recommends other webcomics”:


Buni (→ read from the beginning) by Ryan Pagelow can be described with the tagline “Bad things happening to a a cheerful bunny”. Buni never loses his optimism in this gag-a-day strip which is obviously inspired by The Perry Bible Fellowship. Buni is not a bland copy since it’s also making use of character-based humor and lacks TPBF’s cynism and adult-oriented jokes. Buni is a quick read, though, with only 56 strips in the archive and one update a week.


Most of you my already be familiar with Lackadaisy (→ read from the beginning) by Tracy J. Butler, but I want to recommend it anyway.  The comic is set in St. Louis during the prohibition era and follows the exploits of the Lackadaisy crew, a formerly (but now less so) prosperous crime gang. The story is nothing special, but the characters (all cats) are lovingly designed, and the artwork is absolutely incredible, especially the facial expressions of the characters.

I'm A Rabbit Rabies

The last entry is not a real webcomic, but a link to Skia’s DeviantArt gallery. Skia’s famous fox doodles with their silly facial expressions are always lots of fun to look at. If you want even more foxes, also have a look at the drawings in the gallery of her friend Culpeo-Fox which are almost as good as Skia’s.

Happy Halloween

Powree drew this picture of Woo for Halloween since we’re not doing a Halloween strip this year.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Happy Halloween!

Good news regarding my mom

My mother is out of the hospital and home again, much sooner than we thought. She’s still feeling weak, but she’s already able to walk around a bit, etc.

Thanks for the get-well messages in the last post.

A Day to Remember, Page 3

The third and last page of Powree’s short comic story A Day to Remember (dialog modified by Novil).

Click on the image for a larger version.

A Day To Remember, Page 3

  • Hotel owner: She’s not at the gas station, Madam.
  • Mother: Where could she be??!
  • Mia: Mommy!
  • Mother: Mia!!
  • Biker: My friend found her checking out our bikes.
    I saw you driving away, so we tried to catch up.
  • Biker: See you, kiddo! And remember the awesome sign!
  • Mia: Awesome sign!
  • Biker: Let’s roll, guys!
  • Mother: Thanks…

Get well soon, Mom!

My mother survived a complicated operation this morning. Her severe illness came completely out of the blue, so I am still in shock. However, it’s looking good that she’ll be able to leave the hospital in a few weeks without further damages to her health. I am also happy that I managed to see her for a few minutes before the operation, and when she was waking up after it. She is the best!