Sintel has nothing to do with the largest cpu manufacturer in the world, but is the title of an animated short film by the Blender Foundation. The visuals are really impressive for an open source project with a budget of only €400,000. The touching story is about the girl Sintel as she goes on a quest around the world to find a baby dragon she calls “Scales”. You can watch the movie in HD on YouTube or download it on its website.

Mal and Chad

Mal and Chad: 10/23/2008

Woo and Chad by Stephen McCranieThis Friday the last strip of Mal and Chad (read from the beginning) by Stephen McCranie was put on its website. There are now 232 strips in the archive. Mal and Chad is a newspaper-style comic strip featuring the boy Mal and his talking dog Chad. When the little genius Mal is not busy wooing the love of his life, Megan, he is inventing teleporters (that actually work) and practicing for the school play. Unlike most webcomics, Mal and Chad is a very light-hearted comic which can be read by young children.

Unfortunately, Stephen McCranie will no longer publish new Mal and Chad strips in the foreseeable future since he wants to concentrate on writing graphic novels featuring his young heroes. The first one, “Mal and Chad: The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!”, is already available for pre-order on Amazon, but will only be released on 12 May 2011. I hope you are of the patient kind.

Stephen also drew the great piece of fanart you can see on the right side.

Democracy in Germany

Democracy in Germany

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I have lived in or around Stuttgart for half of my life. It is unbelievable that the police uses brutal violence against peaceful protesters, among them school children and seniors.

Tutorial: Hosting a successful webcomic

This webhosting tutorial does not offer a step-by-step instruction for beginners, but discusses various points which have to be considered when choosing the right hosting solution for a (somewhat) successful webcomic.

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Red’s Planet

Red’s Planet (read from the beginning) is a humorous all-ages graphic novel by Eddie Pittman. A new page gets posted on its website every Wednesday. Red’s Planet is about a 10-year old girl who, much to her annoyance, is known to everyone as “Red”. Various adventures await her on a planet millions of light years away from earth, but only the prologue and the first chapter, in which she runs away from her foster parents, have been published so far. The start of Red’s Planet is already very promising and the artwork is among the top 10 of all existing webcomics.

Red’s Planet: Chapter One 09