Comment section less prominent

I have worked on the comment section since I was no longer happy with various aspects of it. In my opinion, comments are suppossed to accompany the main post, not to make up 90% of the vertical page size. But having to click through 10 pages of 5 comments is also very annoying. Our advertisers would also not like to pay for so many useless page views. Therefore the comment section is now hidden by default. To show it, a click on the “Click here to see the comments!” link beneath the comic description or the news post is needed. My mom, as ultimate authority, really likes the new system so I certainly will keep it.

All comments made during the last weeks are back online. However, I have to say that I’m somewhat annoyed with the reaction of some readers. I think it’s very unfair that I was heavily criticized for trying to improve two strips that many readers didn’t understand or liked. It is a sad fact that on the internet, criticism is often blown out or proportion (“WORST! STRIP! EVER!”) or descents into personal attacks very fast. I also got a very angry e-mail by a long-term reader and commentor who though I had banned him, although I have not banned anybody during the last weeks.

There are also some good news, though:

Sandra and Woo will update three times next week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

– I axed a large chunk of semi-funny ideas for future strips after the current storyline in my idea document, and replaced them with much funnier ones.

Results of the Fanart Contest

After a slow start, I received a lot of great entries for the first Sandra and Woo fanart contest during the last weeks.

Let’s begin the countdown of the best entries with the places 6 to 10 (in no particular order). All of these pictures would have deserved to win a prize, but unfortunately for their creators there were some pictures I liked even more.

by Garrett Williams

by Simon Ladd

by Tony Kinnard

by Tim Decker

by Willie O’ Brien

Place 5 and $10 go to Jonathan A. Ringor for this picture of Sandra and Cloud cosplaying as Yuna and, well, Cloud. I really like Sandra’s expression in this one.

Place 4 and $15 go to Andreas Nilsson for this nicely drawn picture of Sandra, Larisa and Woo enjoying a trip to a lake.

Place 3 and $25 go to Liliana Fernandez Mullins for the most interesting piece of the competition. Why is Sandra sitting on a bowl of water? Why is the tree hanging full of light bulbs? Maybe Liliana will enlighten us in the comment section.

Place 2 and $50 go to Alan Hong for the most dynamic picture that really manages to capture the speed of Sandra and Woo during their way downhill. I also like the shiny colors in this one.

But place 1 and $100 inarguably go to Solveig Hepp for this marvelously picture of Sandra and Woo going to a picnic. Sandra seems to have gone a bit overboard while packing, and Woo is not *really* helping her to pull the wagon up the hill.

All winners should send me an e-mail to with their Paypal account (or German bank account) information so that I can send them the prize money.

But let’s not forget the other entries. Several readers even send several pieces:

Thanks to everyone who participated!

New computer

There are always people who want to buy a new computer, but are not up-to-date with the currently available technology. I just bought a new one and did some research about the best, but still affordable components before that. I had a look at tech specs, magazine reviews and customer opinions. In my opinion it’s now finally the time to get a SSD as primary hard-drive for the operating system and applications since these bring significant performance improvements, especially regarding the starting time of programs. Adobe Photoshop is now ready to use almost immediately after clicking on its symbol. My new PC, which replaces a 7 year old methuselah, is also very quiet, so I’m very happy with it overall. So if your budget is around 1000€ ($1300) to get a really fast and reliable machine with a projected lifetime of six years, you should check out the following components:

Deadline for the Fanart Contest

Sunday next week, 10 April 2011, is the deadline for our fanart contest. We have received some nice entries so far, but only by 10 different people. This means there is still a good chance for semi-competent artists to break into the top 5 who receive prize money.

Join the Herd!

If you’re not yet looking My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic you’re missing out one of the most entertaining cartoon shows since, well, ever. Here are my two favorite episodes so far: Swarm of the Century and Sonic Rainboom which I found so great that I already watched it twice. They are also among the favorites of many other fans. Both were written by M. A. Larson so I’m sure we’ll hear more of him/her in the future.

Swarm of the Century:

Sonic Rainboom:

If you’d like to watch the episodes in HD, you can find download links (and a magnet torrent) in this thread at Ponychan:

Some fans are a bit extreme ;):

I never really cared at first, but when all the drama went down a few weeks ago with the mods banning everyone. I kinda got curious, and I watched the show.

I thought it was just you guys latching onto it in a kitchy, “yeah this is crappy, but in an amusing way” kind of way.

I was wrong.

I love this. I love the characters, I love the songs, I love everything about it. I’m currently on episode 11, and I’m going to try to watch the rest of the season that’s out tonight. This show… it’s just so… I really don’t know how to describe it. It just fills me with this sort of nostalgic glow that reminds me of when I was a kid and didn’t have to worry about anything, and makes me feel wonderful about myself. I’ve actually got tears in my eyes as I’m writing this, but they’re tears of joy.

I love you guys so much.