Sandra and Woo Review by Game Land

There’s a review of  Sandra and Woo on page 98 of the Russian game magazine Game Land 06/2010:

Sandra and Woo Review in Game Land 06/2010

Our reader Rinta, who is a native Russian speaker, was so friendly to provide the following translation of the article. Thank you (and also to Ben, who translated the first part as well.)

When I asked Oliver Knoerzer whether it’s true that in Germany it’s forbidden to depict violence and other dark sides of the real life, he commented that if there’s some sexually explict materials on the site – then it should be protected from the access of underages. It seems that no other measures are taken. The most interesting thing is – that one of the latest strips of Sandra and Woo contains some specific erotic scenes. Although as “it” is done by animals – German censorship hasn’t yet closed the “delinquent” site. The furry porn lover was actually Woo, a spring-horny racoon. But the real victim of his actions was his owner, a girl named Sandra, because he used her YouTube account to watch these videos (by the way, the account actually exists).

However you can’t tell that this is a common plot twist for Sandra and Woo. Knoerzer tells us a lot of different stories with no typical line in them. His web-comics strips drawn by Indonesian artist Powree can sometimes be like “Nemi” – when social and political issues are touched. The other times they can be like “Peanuts” – when the adventures of Sandra and her friends – Larisa and Cloud – are the main subject. Or like “Over the hedge” – when Woo gets out to the forest and interacts with his own friends – Fox and Squirrel. Oliver doesn’t hold himself from giving a direct references to some well-known stories of other writers, but you’ll never tell that his comics is an afterproduct. If you already have some experience in comics world – you’ll like Sandra and Woo even more because of these little links.

I’m not sure why half of the article focuses on giving a heavily simplified overview of German youth protection laws. Showing two mating raccoons should be a complete non-issue in practically any country of the world.

Feeling awful 100% of the time

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I hope you’re going to do many more awesome Gunnerkrigg Court pages, Tom. Because a self-inflicted Author Existence Failure would be, like, not cool.

Here, take me as an example:

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(100% is, of course, exaggerated. But sometimes exaggeration just *feels* right to describe a state of mind…)

Call for guest art

We’re looking for Sandra and Woo guest art for a special event on our website that is supposed to take place at the end of March. We’re looking for three different pieces, but you don’t have to come up with an idea of your own. Instead I will give you a detailed instruction what to draw. One of the drawings should be colored, the other two would also work in black and white:

  • Drawing Nr. 1 featuring Cloud (two panels)
  • Drawing Nr. 2 featuring Woo and another well-known raccoon character
  • Drawing Nr. 3 featuring Larisa (should be colored)

If you’re interested please write an e-mail to which picture you’d like to draw. You should be able to send the final version to me before Thursday, 25 March 2010. Since several people could be interested in drawing a specific piece it would be convenient for you to attach/link to some of your other drawings so that I can chose my favorite artist and nobody wastes time drawing a picture that won’t be used.

After their initial use on a prominent spot of the website the drawings will then be posted on the “Artwork” page.

When coloring the character(s) you should use similar colors like in the following pieces of artwork or this strip (note that the colors in this strip are slightly off because of the lighting conditions at sundown).

Please don’t add your own footer or watermark to the picture. I will add a standard one (including your name and website) for a consistent look. This footer will be more prominent than the one we’re usually using.

  • If your guest art is drawn digitally it would be the easiest if you just send it to me in its original size in a lossless format (for example PNG without reduced color depth).
  • If your guest art is drawn on paper and then scanned in, you should send me a cleaned-up version of reasonable size in a lossless format.

Your name and website will be put in the footer of the picture as well as in its description. Your website has to be rated USK-16 (suitable for teenagers) or less or it won’t be included that way. This excludes any sort of pornographic and extremely violent content. The website does not have to be a webcomic site but could also be a blog, gallery, etc. You can include a short description of your webcomic/website.

Don’t forget to include the url of your website in your reply.

Success! / Vote for Sandra and Woo at TopWebComics

Sandra and Woo has experienced a huge increase of visitor number in February, beating several important milestones:

  • > 5,000 visitors per day with 5,191 visitors
  • > 1,000 RSS feed subscribers with 1,061 subscribers
  • > 10,000 readers as reported by Comic Rank with 10,138 readers

Of course we’re very happy that our comic is that successful. However, more is always better and so we’re trying to get some new readers this month as well. You can help us accomplishing this by voting for Sandra and Woo at since a comic in the top 10 of that toplist can get several thousand new visitors a month. As a voting incentive you’ll be redirected to a page containing a draft drawn by Powree for one of our early strips after voting. There’s a new sketch for every day in March, so gotta catch ’em all! 😉

Burma VJ

I’d like to recommend our German readers to have a look at the German version of the Oscar nominated documentary Burma VJ about the failed uprising in September 2007. It includes exclusive footage shot by reporters of Democratic Voice of Burma. The documentary is available at arte+7 for a few more days:

However, when you install FlashGet on your computer, you can also download the WMV movie file which is available at:

  • mms://