More Woo! More other news!

Good news, everyone! (Well, at least good news for everyone who is a fan of Woo.) From Monday onwards, Woo will be the main character of several consecutive storylines; one dealing with the mating season of raccoons, another quite long one with a meeting of exotic pet owners.

I’ll make sure to reduce the whitespace on the left and right side of the strips in the future so that the artwork is as large as possible.

We got our first donation some days ago. That was a nice surprise and we want to thank the generous donator. We are currently working out the details what we can offer as reward if the total amount of donations meets a certain threshold.

The devil…

… next Thursday (12 February 2009) on this channel.


I have installed a poll plugin so that all visitors can quickly give their opinion about the introduction of new website features or similar questions.

Bank robbery

Bertolt Brecht

Some truths just never get old…

Parental advisory

So far, Sandra and Woo has not contained material not appropriate for small children and has therefore gotten G ratings on some general webcomic sites. However, this will change in the future since it was always my intention to write strips for a more mature audience every now and then.