Lazy Summer Day + Free Shipping of Store Items

Powree has drawn this awesome picture of Sandra and Woo lying in the sun under a tree:

Sandra and Woo: Lazy Summer Day

You can also buy a poster / print of this artwork. Since the original file resolution is 3400 x 4400 pixel, there’s no quality decrease at larger sizes. There’s also a bunch of other products available, especially the mousepad looks nice.

Zazzle currently offers free shipping (until 30 June 2009) to any destination address in the world. This is apparently the first time ever Zazzle makes such an offer. I have also lowered the prices of the products and made some adjustments to the designs I (h)ate Tweety and The Devil. So if you are interested in any of the six available designs in our store, it’s the perfect time to get it!

To get free shipping, the code JUNESHIPFREE has to be entered when checking out the order. The free shipping offer is also available at the stores for the United Kingdom (and the rest of Europe), Canada and Australia.

Alice and Kev

Alice and Kev is a series of articles, which are illustrated with screenshots out of the game, about being homeless in The Sims 3 (read from the beginning). It’s a really creative way of telling a story using the advanced AI of The Sims 3. A warning, though: Alice and Kev is rather depressing than funny.

Alice and Kev

– Novil

One Swoop Fell

Well, apparently the creator of One Swoop Fell took the ten bucks I donated to buy some advertising banners on other webcomic sites, for example on Sandra and Woo (at least there is one at the moment). I guess he got my “subtle” hint of calling his page views “pathetic” in the donation comment. 😉 That said, you should totally check One Swoop Fell out since it is marvellously drawn and it has a cast of likable characters, including the cutest squirrel girl ever put on paper a computer screen. The main heroes of the adventure story are the friendly bear Topo and his new friend, the “aviatically challenged bird Swoop. One Swoop Fell only updates once a week, but often with a full page.

– Novil

More webcomic tips

Sandra and Woo updates only twice a week so I guess some tips for other worthwhile webcomics are always welcome:

  • Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of LifeEdmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life is a very promising new comedy comic strip which started on 8 March 2009. On his trip around the world, Edmund makes random encounters with even more quirky travellers or natives. The archive consists of only 20 strips at the moment, but additional cartoons are occasionally posted on the main page.
  • Bear Nuts is the very pretty offspring of Happy Tree Friends and Care Bears. It’s about the misadventures of a nutty Ursus moronis group at the local zoo. The adult-oriented humor of Bear Nuts does not rely on punchlines but on the interaction of the distinct personalities of the protagonists and their silly facial expressions.
  • Calamities of Nature is a comedy comic strip which heavily relies on social commentary as a source of humor. You have probably already seen an advertising banner for it on our website. Calamities of Nature sometimes suffers from the “talking heads” syndrome, which makes the quality of the strips very dependent on the funniness of the punchline.

– Novil

Rejected strip ideas

In an interview Bill Holbrook, the creator of Kevin and Kell, one of the oldest still existing webcomics, gave the following answer to the question “What would you say to a young person out to follow in your footsteps?”:

When I was 23, Charles Schulz gave me the following advice: Sit down and draw fifty strips. Of those, maybe five will be funny. Build on those and throw out the rest. Do fifty more. Now perhaps ten will be usable. Repeat this process again and again.

Other cartoonists have said similar things which surprises me because I follow a completely different approach. I prefer to work on a particular idea until it’s good enough for publication. My ratio of rejected strip ideas, which are then moved to a document called Sandra and Woo Trash.odt, is rather one third instead of nine tenths. I’m often working a long time on details like the exact phrasing of the punchline, but I stick to the general idea. I guess there isn’t just one way of doing it and working together with an artist forces you to pay great attention to detail from the start.

– Novil