Digger for free

Ursula Vernon’s epic comic Digger about a brave wombat is finally free for everyone to read. You should check it out, the art is fantastic. I have bought all three available books some time ago.

Not auto-approved comments

It can happen that a comment you have written is not auto-approved, so that it will only appear on the website after I have approved it in the admin panel. It is currently not clear to me why several comments have not been auto-approved in the past although they weren’t flagged as spam and did not contain more than five external links.


Go, read Gill. It’s arguably the best webcomic out there. Today’s strip dealing with “How to draw” books is particularly great.

+20 pixel

I have increased the width of the site layout from 960 to 980 pixel so that the comic strips can be a bit larger.

Comments in foreign languages

Please write comments only in English, German or Indonesian. A comment in another language could contain all kinds of libel against other persons and neither Powree nor me would be able to notice it. Because of this, I will delete all comments not written in English, German or Indonesian. (My French is a bit rusty.) This applies to forum posts as well.