[0022] The Next Big Thing

[0022] The Next Big Thing

The current story arc started with this strip: Allowance Reverse Default Swaps.

To all Woo fans: Woo will come back in Thursday’s strip which will be the most weird one yet.

All those Google ads for stock option trading and “Get rich quick” schemes which are showing up sometimes are kind of funny if you have a look at the message of the comic. Yay for context-sensitive advertising systems. 😀

  • Nicholas Seleno: Hello, I’m Nicholas, the former chairman of Wolf & Kleiber Ltd. Our office furniture was sold in a foreclosure auction yesterday, so please take this check for $600.
  • Sandra: Wow, $600! Shiny! What about the remaining $1,999,999,400?
  • Nicholas Seleno: Don’t raise your hopes too high, young lady. That was just other people’s money…
  • Nicholas Seleno: I’ve really gotta go now! At 4 o’clock I’ll give a PowerPoint presentation at the Merrill Lynch headquarters about the boom of mortgage futures in India. It’s going to be the next big thing!
  • Sandra: Why can’t saving the tiger from extinction ever be the next big thing?
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