[0044] Puddy Tat

[0044] Puddy Tat

The current story arc started with this strip: People Like You and Me.

To be continued on Thursday! (With one of our most funny and visually appealing strips.)

Is there any Sylvester and Tweety expert around who can either confirm that Tweety’s way of speeking is okay or point out mistakes?

  • Tweety: I tawt I taw a puddy tat! A fat puddy tat!
  • Woo: ?
  • Woo: I’m a raccoon, not a cat! And I’m not fat! I just have long fur!
  • Tweety: So you’re one of tose gawbage-eating vawmints?
  • Tweety: Wiar! Of tourse you do! Wascally widdle tieves wike you wuv stinty weftovers!
  • Tweety: … And tould you pwease stop spitting awound? I don’t want to get infected wit wabies.
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