Looking for an editor

Please do not apply anymore!

The subtle differences between “sunning” and “sun bathing” (see the comments of today’s strip) are… uhm… subtle. Since I’m not a native English speaker, I’m just not able to get such linguistic nuances, even after consulting a dictionary and the Google search.

Because of this, we are looking for an editor who has a second look at the dialog of the next comic strips before their publication. For example, the editor should be able to tell me that it’s better to use “will have been gone” instead of “will be gone” in a complicated sentence. To make it easier to discuss such things, I will create an internal forum. Of course the editor will get credit on the About page of our website.

If you are a native speaker with good language skills and interested in the position, you can write a comment or send an e-mail to novil@gmx.de. Considering the small amount of new dialog each week, it’s really not much work to do. But you should be reliable nonetheless.

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