Comic strip tips

Some new tips for comic strips which are worth a look:

  • My Cage by Melissa DeJesus and Ed Power is one of the best syndicated comic strips. Ed Power described it as “the comic strip for everyone who has ever felt like a platypus in a world of cats and dogs.” The lead character Norman dreams of being a famous writer, but is currently stuck in a draining job and has to deal with his whacky co-workers.
  • The distinctive feature of Lio by Mark Tatulli is that it does not contain any kind of dialog most of the time. The main character of the comic strip is the young boy Lio who is often seen hugging his hideous pet monsters or playing dangerous tricks on his father. It’s often surprising to see such dark humor in a syndicated newspaper strip.
  • Union of Heroes by Arne Schulenberg and Eric Wünsche is a slice-of-life photonovel which takes place in the Ruhr Area of Germany in an alternative universe in which superheroes are common. Despite this description, the comic does not suck 😉 but is an enjoyable read. The comic is currently celebrating its one year anniversary, by the way.

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