[0055] You’ve Got Mail

[0055] You’ve Got Mail

The current story arc started with this strip: The Dark Knight.

That’s a small “L” and not a big “i” in the first YouTube link.

UPDATE (13 May 2009): The second YouTube link is currently not working, but you can watch the same video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJU5MuMH6Tw.

UPDATE (26 May 2009): I fixed the problems with the YouTube links.

UPDATE (12 Novemer 2009): That’s the international ISO date format (year/month/day) and means 30 April 2009. I use it all the time since it’s very pratical when sorting files by date.

  • E-Mails: Sandra North | Upgrade your li’l Mr. Winkie!
    Sandra North | ExCiTiNg VaCaTiOn: Gulf of Aden CRUISES
    Sandra North | Funny vid: YouTube.com/watch?v=v0BdJmx-yKg
    TheoH | History Homework
    Bedwetters Anonymous | Thank you for registering
    Sandra North | Cure Ur Idiocy!!! With Tarenflurbil!
    Sandra North | LOL ^^ YouTube.com/watch?v=DJbQxDmhPFo
  • Sandra: You believe I’m still mad at you? What on earth makes you think that?!
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