Comments and the first storyline featuring Larisa

I am a bit baffled that even simple strips like the last two ones seem to constantly get more than 20 comments now. I’m feeling a lot of pressure to get everything right in my scripts since I know that every detail in the next strip will instantly get dissected by several enthusiastic readers. This does not mean that you should stop writing comments, but I can’t say that I’m feeling relaxed when I am reading them. And this despite the fact that almost all feedback to Sandra and Woo has been positive so far… I guess when you are such an introverted person like me you really have to take care to not get overwhelmed by the reaction of the public to your work. This means that I will no longer read all the comments posted on our website in the future, but only have a look at them occasionally. I hope that there are now enough readers so that one of them will be able to answer open questions when I’m not around. Since my mother really likes to read the comments, she will notice me when someone posts spam or inappropriate content.

Having said that, the first long storyline featuring Sandra’s friend Larisa will start next Monday. And it won’t start with a whimper, but with a bang.

– Novil

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