More webcomic tips

Sandra and Woo updates only twice a week so I guess some tips for other worthwhile webcomics are always welcome:

  • Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of LifeEdmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life is a very promising new comedy comic strip which started on 8 March 2009. On his trip around the world, Edmund makes random encounters with even more quirky travellers or natives. The archive consists of only 20 strips at the moment, but additional cartoons are occasionally posted on the main page.
  • Bear Nuts is the very pretty offspring of Happy Tree Friends and Care Bears. It’s about the misadventures of a nutty Ursus moronis group at the local zoo. The adult-oriented humor of Bear Nuts does not rely on punchlines but on the interaction of the distinct personalities of the protagonists and their silly facial expressions.
  • Calamities of Nature is a comedy comic strip which heavily relies on social commentary as a source of humor. You have probably already seen an advertising banner for it on our website. Calamities of Nature sometimes suffers from the “talking heads” syndrome, which makes the quality of the strips very dependent on the funniness of the punchline.

– Novil

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