[0065] 2.8 Weeks Later

[0065] 2.8 Weeks Later

The current story arc started with this strip: Addicted.

Forests in comic strips. Now more awesome than in reality. (It’s true. The third panel looks definitely more impressive than everything I’ve seen on my last hike some weeks ago. I’ll never walk that boring route again.)

If you are missing him: Woo will be back on Wednesday.

  • Sandra: Tomorrow is the last day of your suspension, isn’t it?
  • Larisa: Yep. But it’s forbidden to bring insulin to school now. So I guess you have to go without your favorite pyromaniac for a while longer.
  • Sandra: At least you’re the most famous girl at our school now. Say, how’s it going in your new school?
  • Larisa: Ugh, don’t ask…
  • Larisa: …… Yesterday, a sixteen-year-old tried to sell me crack during recess.
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