[0068] Valuable Parental Advice

[0068] Valuable Parental Advice

The current story arc started with this strip: Addicted.

Since this is the last strip of this storyline, here is the comment of the user Otto at Digg (screenshot) which inspired me to do it. (Of course I asked for his permission before that.) As you can see I have added some additional details like Larisa’s pyromaniac streak, but the following key points of the story were indeed based on true happenings:

  • Otto’s sister got suspended from the school because she was talking insulin.
  • The school authorities completely failed to grasp the concept that insulin is medicine, not a dangerous drug.
  • The counselor of the school stood against his own school and threatened to take legal action.

I also feel the need to talk about today’s comic which would have never seen the light of day if Sandra and Woo were a newspaper comic strip. I got the idea for this strip long before the current arc, right after reading the strip Our Public Relation Guy at F@NB0Y$. I’m not a huge fan of F@NBoY$, but I really liked this one and thought about a comic involving drugs which could have been that offensive. It’s my intention that each of the main characters should have one or two negative character traits since it’s dull and unrealistic when your cast only consists of saints. And Sandra’s dad is not the type of person who could resist parodying corny pieces of parental advice if given the chance. So could we please not have lame “Kinda promoting drug use here. Not cool.” comments?

  • Richard: Always remember, kids, ducks are bad for you.
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